Secret Communications 3



21 December 2019


Page initiated on: 24 December 2019

Photos taken by AOB


 The German Spy set type: SE 109/3; operated in conjunction with the genuine Abwehr receiver type R IV at 7065 kHz, the yellow wire acting as an antenna

The build-in Morse key is facing towards us.

For security, Paul took the unique "dynamic ear-telephone" device away, as this might be too tempting.



The Abwehr receiver type R IV set up, displayed temporarily, during our Secret Communications 3 Exhibition

It has to be noticed though: that this R IV receiver is not ours.



Hans operating the R IV RX

He was the one who accomplished the restoration, which was a challenging job lasting more than one year commitment.



Bart's Fialka is always attracting a lot of people

The two on the right-hand side are: Ton and his father.               



 From left to right: Marc, Martin, Derk and Marin's son

Derk and Marc are both long standing members of the: Board of our Foundation.



Raymond, with his "Pocket Telex" background stories - constitutes one of the Highlights of our Secret Communications 3 Event!

He even was involved in some of the built-in software designs.



Martin's son, Bart and Martin



On the far left-hand side our Nachtfee Command Console

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David is turning the bottom side of a "Pocket Telex" towards us

Please notice, the circular section on the right-hand bottom-side; which is the microphone or the telephone - which was the way, in the 1980s, systems were acoustically connected onto a regular telephone apparatus.



Turning our attention onto the volunteering catering crew: Alice, Hilde and Dick



Dick Zijlmans, is, among many things, also the master of the catering, since more than a decade!



Bart and David



Both Dick and Derk are old friends



The beautifully constructed BZA1: the so-called: Vorhalterechner;  was once a "Bordrechner" (mechanical computer) for computing the five parameters to be considered when a Ju 88 aircraft was to drop a precision bomb at a particular target

This is not its regular point of display, but its regular mounting is used for displaying Russian D/F gear currently.



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Imagine for this occasion - your own caption 



This is where I always hope for, someone being attracted 'by non regular' artefacts or technologies on display



I cannot remember when for the last time someone was interested in this rare and unique "Kriegsmarine" special test set 



Paul is demonstrating Bart's Fialka machine



Room for discussion, is, the great advantage of these days



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Enigmas surrounded in the background with discussions



I do not know who she is



Simply an intriguing photo





In the background our 'Liechtenstein SN 2' (FuG 220) night fighter radar apparatus



The obligatory proof - that all valuable Enigma machines have been removed to elsewhere



Just as usually before closing



By Arthur O. Bauer