Communications 4


First weekend


held on:

23 & 24 September 2023

Current status: 26 September 2023


As always: our combined exhibition is mainly dedicated to the collection of's


A photographic series (AOB) is the best means to

give someone an impression

 of our events


An attraction always is, that quite some of our own collection

remains on its genuine place.

This ambiance is always sparkling


often someone's attention is attracted for an unknown artefact

causing often lively discussions;

as I myself can, of course, explain our equipment on display


Admissions are always free, no charges whatsoever


tea and coffee and some other drinks are available for free

as well as

"broodjes" (rolls)

cake, and biscuits and that like



On the opening day we were visited by a Chinese TV camera man and someone for interviewing



Marc is explaining or discussing during his lunchtime



The Chinese camera operator on the far right-hand side



An intriguing mixture of Russian and Stasi optical espionage and/or surveillance gear - with in the background German wartime radar and communication systems



In front on the far right-hand side, a Stasi optical communication and/or surveillance gear. Straight away facing towards us from left to right: Berlin FuG 224 radar equipment and on the far right against the wall our electrically complete Würzburg FuSE 62d



The Kinotheodolit Kth 41, made by Askania

This apparatus had been employed, for example at Peenemünde as to follow the trajectory of experimental V 2 (A 4) launchings

Its main purpose was, to watch trajectories and, maybe, also finding out what actually occurred during the launching episode.

These apparatus had been used, for decades, in the US as well after the war.



What we encounter here can nowhere else in the world be enjoyed

All types are rare, starting with 1927 and 1928, both commercial types. Including the most rare Type G; which the Dutch Navy had commercially obtained in 1939, from the genuine Berlin Enigma factory.

This type was also used by the German Abwehr.

Just in front the famous M 4, the so-called 4 wheel machine.

Used mainly on U-boats (German submarines)



The 'Broodjes' (rolls) being served to everyone, by Frencess!

And all enjoyed it very much.



Paul in discussion with Mr. Oberman the son of the famous 'Crypto teletype Pope'




Only a brief impression of a snap-shot



Whatever Marc is explaining I don't know, but expressing it is anyway!



Bart (on the left) is a very good connoisseur



All attached labels are carrying a QR code information; linking you automatically onto their according webpage



Can you imagine - that the Enigma you are looking at is entirely engendered by means of a 3D-Printer?

Of course, as it functions fully, electrically still copper wires being used.

Even the rotor-wheels being entirely engendered by mean of 3 D techniques!

The only original thing is the 'wooden case' which is genuinely wartime made, and once obtained from the Internet.

AOB: really - "Chapeau bas"!



Considering it slightly different

Isn't is wonderful?

Bart has accomplished a great job!



Bart is proud fully telling about encountered aspects of his impressive '3 D' printing-endeavour

He told me, that he couldn't print the wooden case, as its size was just too big for his current 3-D printer device.




One of the great advantages of our exhibitions, is, that the visitors being highly motivated



Guus Gonggrijp in discussion with Anton Kroes



Paul Reuvers one of the organisers ( in discussion with a visitor



Always, since our - Secret Communications 1 exhibition - about closing time, all valuable Enigma machines being packed-in and are brought to a safe place elsewhere - but not in our 'province'



Obligatory documenting that all valuable Enigma machines have been truly removed from our premises



It is evident that progress being made in removing the Enigma apparatus



Removing is nearly finished