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About 30 years ago, late Cas Caspers lend me two genuine, so-called Farnborough, reports.

I was allowed to XEROX copying these two reports. Especially for me very significant, some photos and drawings could be used in my new book: Deckname Würzburg

Cas Caspers died last December; at his funeral I met his son Remco again. He took charge since quite a long time of his fathers collection; and became himself a dedicated collector.


Remco recently did sent me a message, that he has found among his fathers papers a bunch of Rad. reports.

My reply was - whether it is possible to send these by mail, so that I can use them, maybe putting some on the web?

After a couple of days a heavy package from France arrived, within it a series of interesting reports.

It has on the side to be noticed, that I knew Cas Caspers since about 1971/72; as we both were dedicated collectors of German technology; albeit, Cas was also interested in British techniques.

He was also a dedicated radio HAM with the callsign PA 0 CSC and we both shared QSO's for several decades. Since 1976 mainly in Hellschreiber mode, a Hell-net still existing today. Please notice my quite recent PA 0 AOB Hell QSO including YouTube films.


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A general nuisance in Adobe Acrobat sometimes, is, that photos being automatically rotated and/or being scaled; thereafter all text page's being forced to a reduce horizontal size. I have tried it at different acrobat versions and all responded equally. Maybe I should select another photo-format for scanning next time.


* Technical Note No. RAD. 228 Part II contains the accompanied photos. In first instance, I doubted whether I should combine volume I and II. But, finally decided that it does make sense to have a separate volume opened at the same time; so that you can switch between text and illustations