New logo selection


Since recently my wife Karin has created a choice of new logos


We would like to involve our website visitors which one we should take


First our regular compilation since 2004


State of affairs: 23 August 2022


The main intention is: to visualise, in an artistic way, aspects of our concern



First logo




Second logo




Third logo




Fourth logo




Fifth logo



Modified Five a

Adri de Keijzer suggested - that the central heating tubes should be better removed




Sixth logo (experiment)



Logo eight




Logo eight, second version




Ninth logo




Logo nine version two (modified)



Logo number 11




Logo number 12



The Nachtfee Logo serial number 13

New Nachtfee Logo




For the unique exhibition Secret Communications my wife Karin made a special compilation which is more or less similar also used in the folder or flyer.




Mark Kohn advised my wife that particular the wide arrow is a bit too heavy, and both changed it in this way. He a professional photographer actually modified it for her. Please compare this version and the previous one




My wife Karin created an image, which symbolises the search for what is behind the Nachtfee technique

















Logo-27-2 A quasi 3-D photo which was taken at the day the mysterious Nachtfee console arrived on 12 November 2011





Viewing a compilation of the the TB interface used in conjunction to the simulated Nachtfee aircraft system; in the background viewing the simulated aircraft 'order' display. For this occasion, I used techniques and valves which were known in those former days.





My wife Karin created, on my demand, a compilation on German technique and my reflection on Heinrich Heine's poem-sentence -

Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht

In recent days - these first few words - Denk ich an Deutschland - constitutes the opening of many personal visions (reminiscences or reflections) on Germany

This compilation might not representing her first choice, however, she is very pleased with the results - as I do too.   



Logo 31

In front we notice our Jagdschloss transmitter, combined with some other pictures

Compilation made by my wife Karin




Logo 32a





Logo 33





New Logo 34

To view it in mp4



To be continued in due course



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