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Some aspects of the history of radar, 1910 up to 1937
Part II of the main paper (pdf):
Hülsmeyer and the early days of radar inventions, sense and nonsense,
a survey
by Arthur O. Bauer



There exist many publications on the subject of who may have invented radar. The course of history of this aspect of technology, might very well have been very different when we consider what one could and, in my opinion, should have been known, from the status of patents and comparable accessible literature.

We have seen, in the previous chapter, that Hülsmeyer’s radar related German patent applications of 1904 described nearly all standard features of modern radar apparatus. Britain was very well informed on this subject, as several magazines had published all sorts of abstracts on Hülsmeyer’s electrical inventions.

I have chosen, mainly to follow the patent literature as this may be regarded as being an open source for industrial and scientific evolution. (Radar II)

Consequently, I have omitted the less promising third hand stories on “detecting objects at distance by means of acoustical waves and/or low frequency electrical waves”.

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