Aus der Schaltungstechnik der


By Rolf Wigand

Radio Mentor

Heft 9/10 September-Oktober 1943

pages 331 - 337

German language PDF

Please notice also Rolf Wigand's Radio Mentor article on the HRO tuning dial knob of 1941, which is also dealt with in this article. Rolf Wigand was in fact a tragic person. He was a well respected radio ham who already travelled over the Ocean and visited the US in the 1930s. Who could do so in those pre war days? He disappeared in the final days of the war. Some say that he was murdered, other sources mention that neglecting orders he might have tried to escape to the western part of Europe. Please notice also: DASD-CQ of 1937, the webpage on radio hams and radio amateurism in the Third Reich up to May 1945!

Dealt with is: the standard National HRO receiver and type NC100X, the Hammerlund Super Pro and the HQ120-X. Interesting is his very positive approach on the US product, notwithstanding that this product originated from their wartime combatant opponent. One may guess that this attitude might have influenced his disappearance. When this article had not been published during the war, following its wording it could also have been published after the hostilities had ended in 1945.

The Hammerlund Super-Pro was also used by the German Abwehr wireless services (see particularly pdf page 4 in the rear the receiver on the left), as was the Siemens R IV which was a HRO derivate (see page figure 5) which handled agent communications in other Continents. The direct German HRO copy was made by Körting and carried type number: KST. The original tuning gear including the tuning dial came from the US and was imported from Portugal. A group of German wartime radio hams received quite early in the war a message that they could pick up a KST receiver. 




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