Franz Mayr


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                Franz Mayr (1952)            Crown Copyright


The Franz Mayr case is one of the most intriguing case in the entire KV 2/xxx serials.


What he achieved, was so exceptional and frustrated since mid 1946 the British Secret Service enormously.

They hunted him up to 1952

Albeit, that they considered it wise to terminate their Commitments, but their frustration went too deep for accepting their reality.


The Mayr case have been dealt with before: Mayr-Case

Why this time an additional .mp4 version?

Because, in my perception, this does make sense, as I can explain the newly went through KV 2/ 1477 ... 1483 series.

Because I can explain additional details which in the forgoing webpage wasn't possible.

Maybe also expressing my personal opinion in respect to certain aspects.

What is apparent: they were nevertheless (quite exceptionally) impressed by Franz Mayr's determination.

Their reporting is, sometimes, from "upper humans" versus low creatures, also in Mayr's case, but at least, in his respect, they acknowledged his competence to

create something out-off nothing.

About mid 1946 he escaped, and they were going after him, ultimately unsuccessfully!

But, the blame, between the lines, had been caused by their own attitudes about the damm outside circumstances.

A, in my perception real downside, was that they considered themselves being: legal Prosecutors, and behaved (acted) like this.

In particular in Mayr's case, this, without understanding it themselves, made them to losers.

Please notice: that it is possible to put the  mp4 film on a hold; read the displayed genuine document section, and continue again, without loosing anything.


Chapter 1:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1477-1478.mp4    (14 March 2022)

Chapter 2:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1478-2-Chapter-2.mp4     (18 March 2022)

Chapter 3:    Franz-Mayer-KV-2-1478-4-Chapter-3.mp4    (23 March 2022)

Chapter 4:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1478-4-Chapter-4.mp4      (30 March 2022)

Chapter 5:   Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1480-Chapter-5.mp4        (4 April 2022)

Chapter 6:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1481-Chapter-6.mp4       (6 April 2022)


Chapter series 7 concerning Franz Mayr's diaries        The British translation of Franz Mayr's personal diary, seized on 1st November 1942, in Isfahan. Now we encounter him personally!


Chapter 7a:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1482-Diary-Chapter 7a.mp4    (11 April 2022)       

Chapter 7b:   Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1482-1-Diary-Chapter 7b.mp4  (13 April 2022)

Chapter 7c:   Franz-Mayr-KV 2-1482-2-Diary-Chapter-7c.mp4  (19 April 2022) [erratum: 7032 = Mayr read: Major Schulze ; Mayr = 7031]

Chapter 7d:   Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1482-2-Diary-Chapter-7d.mp4  (20 April 2022)

Chapter 7e:   Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1482-3-4-Diary-Chapter 7e.mp4  (25 April 2022) [erratum: recording date is: 23 April 2022; 2020]

Chapter 7f:    Franz-Mayr-KV-2-1482-5-7-Diary-Chapter-7f.mp4  (27 April 2022)



The planned Chapter series 8, dedicated to the KV 2/1483 file,  proved, after reconsideration, to be, in my perception, worthless; as what follows doesn't deal with Franz Mayr's endeavours, but mainly with GŁnther Blume's sabotage objectives, at lengths.


I therefore have, sadly, to terminate the Franz Mayr .mp4 file series.



To be continued in due course


By Arthur O. Bauer