Establishments of the Forschungsanstalt der Deutschen Reichspost

CIOS consolidated advance field team assessment report

Target Number: Black list 7/57c

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Keywords: F.d.D.R.P Forschungsanstalt der Deutschen Reichspost; Amtfür Wellenausbreitung; F.d.R.R.P. Bernried; F.d.R.R.P. Munich area; Dr. Vilbig; Ionospheric stations D.R.P. control; Gräfing; Vilbig paper on "width-modulated transmissions"; Building in Weisenhaus Strasse 45; propagation section came in 1943 from Berlin; very little gear of interest; Dr. Führer of D.R.P.might be useful to help locate wanted people in Munich area. He is very cooperative and speaks good English; Investigation of Forschungs Anstalt der deutschen reichspost at Landshut, location at Post Direction Building; Schloß Niederaichbach; Postrat Korblein head of department; Dr. Rössler at F.d.R.R.P. Berlin 1937, Landshut 1945 worked on dielectric constants of gasses and liquids; DRP Wank; Dr. Bender recording and analysis of atmospheric disturbances including use of recording equipment; Dr. Vogt 1931-34 assistant Phys.Inst.Heidelberg, 1934-36 Telefunken (antennae), 1939 Head of receiving station propagation and DF of F.d.R.R.P. at Kagel, Evacuated with some equipment to Landshut in Spring 1945. Collaborated with Dr. Grosskopf at Kagel, Main work on HF/DF; Dipl.-Ing. von Collas from Berliner Physikalische Werstätten (BPW), special interest in cm tubes, no English; B.H.F.; magnetron; Measurement of dielectric constant of admosphere Dr. Rössler; Dr. Bender interrogation on 6 June 1945; Dr. Bender had been working on recording of admospherics at Landshut for the last two years; Schloss Niederaichbach has been rather damaged .. ; Dr. Bender who at present lives at Jäger Strasse 484 at landshut student of Dr. Hess at Innsbruck University and took his Ph.D. in 1933 ... ; sDr. Bender returned to Prague .. he got in touch with dr. Vilbig; signed Dr. M.V. Wilkes, S.D.O. RAF. 7 July 1945; Interrogation of Dr. Vogt, he also made some tests on  Wullenweber a long based Adcock system build in the navy at Neustadt/Holstein; During the last year a new direction finder (Dochtkohle) was developed for naval purposes; ..This was designed as to be free from polarisation error and yet small and sensitive. It was intended to fit it to the Schnorkel on U-boats but the war finished before this could be done; Experimental model of Dochtkohle was built in September 1944 and the navy finally decided to apply it to the Schnorkel at a meeting on 5 April 1945, the contract to be given to the firm of Siemens. It was estimated that 20-U-Boats could have been fitted by the end of May. Dochtkohle depends on the principle of the cardioid polar diagram which can be obtained by combining the signals from a vertical aerial and a loop aerial in the correct proportions and which has long been used for obtaining sense with direction finders ... ; It was found that Dochtkohle gave the largest deviation when the incident rays were nearly vertically polarised. This behaviour is the opposite to that of an Adcock, which gives minimum errors for nearly horizontally polarised waves. Dr. Vogt thought that the final model of Dochtkohle appeared somewhat as follows... ;  dr. Grosskopf has written an account of his work together .... ; Zentralstelle: Bevollmächtiger für Nachrichtenmittel Glöcker; HWaPrüf Berlin Oberbaurat Dr. Schelchoss? (Schellhoss - Schellhoß); GAF Rechlin Dr. Wäsch; Navy NVK Kiel now at Wolfenbüttel, DF work near Neustadt/Holstein Oberbaurat Dr Maximilian Wächter at Pelzerhaken, Kellenbüren .. ; Interrogation of Dr. Haase; Speech compression; Anti-Jamming; F.d.R.R.P. at Jokobneuharting, Dr. Mentzel concerned with TV before the war; Dipl.-Ing. Hanisch, Dr. Pollic; Dipl,-Ing. Rechl Spiral antenna B.H.F. (BHF) and Dipl.-Ing. Sellesek; Dipl.-Ing. Hamisch; Report visit to D.R.P. Bernried; Dr. Phil. B. Beckmann; a Lorenz magnetometer ... ; It is strongly recommended that Dr. Beckmann should be allowed to enter the institute to collect together his apparatus and to resume work as soon as possible ... ; Dr. Beckmann interrogation at Schloss Bernried; Deutsche reichspost AACH near Rodolfzell, subjects tv - control of glide bombs; electron multipliers - klystron - magnetrons - Hela (Broad band intercept receiver) ...  



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