Refractories in Turbine Blades

CIOS File No. XXXI-22

CIOS Target Numbers 1/331.1/349, 1/467, 18/63a, 21/23, 25/82, 27/205

Reported by S.S. Kistler, T.I.I.C.


Keywords: LFA Braunschweig, Steatite, Porcelain, Ardostan, Silicon Carbide, Alumina plus Iron;    MAN Augsburg, Hescho Hermsdorf, Calit, Ardostan, Sicalit; Siemens Neuhaus, Preparation of Slip for Sinterkarund, Firing, Properties, Turbine blades, Sintered Iron-Alumina, Sintered Rutile; Degussa Stierstadt, Preparations of the Slip, Firing, Products, Physical properties; Miscellaneous Ceramics, Titanium Dioxide Dielectrics; AVA (Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt Göttingen; Combustion turbine blades; Ceramics for turbine blades .. its tensile strength is approx. 38,000 pounds per square inch at room temp ... ; Prof. Schmidt; Hescho, Stemag Berlin & Nuerenberg, Degussa, Siemens Stierstadt bei Frankfurt, Siemens Neuhaus bei Sonnenberg, Osram Berlin; Ardostan high resistance to heat shock, due to very low coefficient of thermal expansion. No strength data or observation on aging, Calit relatively strong; Silicon Carbide ... Heat shock resistance very good. Glazed blades from Berlin Porceain, Selb regarded best; Alumina plus Iron Siemens, Stemag and Osram furnished this combination ... ; From interrogation Dr. Dough. Emil Scrensen of the Maschienenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg A.G. (MAN) .. ; Hescho Hermsdorf, Dr. Scheid Technical manager and Dr. Kaase who is taking Dr. Rath's place were interrogated and their experimental work on production of gas turbine blades. ...  Dr. Rath their best authority and one of the best ceramist in Germany, had shortly before been evacuated to some unkown destination by the U.S. Army apparently through the efforts of Mr. Brensford and Mr. Clark, who spent two weeks in the plant. Their interest was in high frequency insulation. Dr. Rath was also Privat Dozent at the University of Breslau; Calit composition; Ardostan comp. is Kaolin ... The most outstanding feature of ardostan is its exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion 1.1 x 10-6 /°C. It naturally makes Ardostan very insensitive to sudden changes of temperature. The low coefficient is due to the formation of cordierite on firing ... ; Sicalit is Calit containing about 40% by weight of silicon carbide ... ; Dr. Koenig Siemsn Neuhaus bei Sonnenberg, sintered alumina, preparation of the slip .. ; Sintered Iron-Alumina in some former experiments searching for a good semiconductor; it was observed that when very fine carbonyl iron powder and alumina were sintered together the conductivity suddenly increaded tremendously as the iron content was increased above 50% by weight ... (please notice, that in those days in Germany a semi-condutor was a material that did not obey Ohm's law, AOB); Degussa Stierstadt Dr. Gustav Jaeger was interrogated on July 9, 1945 ... Reyschkewitz when he was with Degussa experimented with ... ; Degussa also makes sintered magnesium spinel, BeO - ZrO2 -  ThO2 - MgO ...; Titanium Dioxide Dielectrics, while time was too limited to cover many of the ceramic specialities in Germany ... Hescho Hermsdorf and Siemens Neuhaus were visited, Dr, Rother at Lutz (in Lauf) is the experimental physicist who did the work ... ; For communication purposes the development of high dielectric constant refractories has been very important, the size of the oscillating circuits is greatly reduced ... in Germany and the sharpness of the resonance peak is improved by the use of dielectrics with a high constant. Since the temperature coefficience of the dielectric constant and by coefficient of expansion of copper, the two factors can be made to oppose each other so that the natural frequency of a circuit becomes relatively independant of temperature .. in Germany where extensive use of quartz crystals was not possible .. ; New ceramic products with dielectric constants over 100 Composition 164 ..; Berillium tends to stabilize the electrical properties .. When TiO3 is used the ceramic must be fired in a controlled atmosphere .. ; Paramagnetic Products Lutz & Co offered two types of ceramic bodies with increased magnetic permeability ... ; The properties F.11 ... AVA, Dr. L Ritz was interrogated on June 22; Visit to Switzerland .. Brown Boveri was visited on August 24th by Prof. Stoughton and the author. Dr. Meyer and Mr. Thut were very hostitable and appeared to answer our questions frankly. They, very disappointingly, had only gerneral information on what was done in germany during the war ... No exchange of knowledge had been permitted with their (BBC, AOB) plant at Mannheim .. ; Prof. Dr. Schmidt .. ; Escher Wyss Zürich This plant was visited on August 25  .. Dr. Guyer and Dr. C. Keller head of experimental work knows of Prof Schmidt of Braunschweig      



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