Glossary of some German names for chemical products

US Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee

CIOS Item No. 22

Miscellaneous Chemicals

Reported by Harry A. Curtis U.S.

This list is very significant as it tells you what kind of product a chemical brand name actually is. IG Farben Industries was up to 1945 world's biggest chemical conglomerate. Exceeding everything else in the world. Their technological stand was of world class! In the 1920's there was a time when 40% of their shares were owned by US share holders. Many IG-Farben product brand names used 'it' at the end of the word, like, for instance, 'Egelit'.


Keywords, a brief random selection: Acronal; Akardit; Albertol; Arubren; Asplit; Bardional; Bladan; Buna Chemicals; Buna S-111; Buna S-V; Bunalit; Crovolit; Forbiat; Desmodur; Desmophen; Eleudron; Entrol; Gerbstoff B'S; Igelit MP-A; Igelit PCU; Egelit UJB ... ; Igepal; Igevin; Koresin; Latekoll; Linax; Lutnal; Lupolen!! Luran; Luvikal MG; Luvinit; Mipolan; Mespranol; Nitracyl; Pepren; Perpudan; Polmin; Vigopas; Selloxine; SB-Salz; Selinon; Tabun; Sarin; Ulstrasin; Wacker 83; X-Stoff; Z-Stoff 




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