CIOS File No. XXIX-3




Reported by:

Col. t.w. Vigers M.A.P.

Maj.C.J.P. Ball M.A.P.

Dr. J.L. Haughton M.A.P.

CIOS Target No. 21/24


We have to apologise for the inconvenience that the original pages 6 and 7 are missing


Keywords: Subjects Target-Production-Metallurgical-Laboratory-Powder-Scrap recovery-Cost; MgO from Dolomite; extracted from Dolomite to MgCO3; Winterfalle at Herringen; Ferro-silicon and distillation; Dr. Bauer; Bitterfeld-Aken-Stassfurt; output of magensium in 1944 was given as follows ... ; The major planned were of the electrolytic type one in Norway near Oslo and one at Moorsbierbaum near Vienna; "Elfinal"; AZG and AZF alloys; Fabrication of Magnesium alloys; Wrought materials; extructions, a good deal of work .. ; A 30,000 ton hydrolic press was built for and started to forge large sections of gun carragages for heavy German artillery to lighten the dead weight and improve mobility; The presses were then largely for forging aircraft propellers in Duralumin, the big press making two at a stroke .. ; the Junghans process; This process was bought by M.E.L. and transferred to England in the early part of 1939 .. ; Protective coatings .. the chromate process for inhibiting corrosion; Electrolytic processes for protecting magnesium have also been developed .. ; Ikarol paint (polyvinylchloride with an acrylic ester) is still considered the best for magnesium alloys; Mechanical tests, a lot of work had been carried out on the ultimate stress at high temperatures .. ; Magnesium leaf powder were made by the I.G. (IG Farbenindustrie, AOB); raw magnesium at Bitterfeld was RM. 123.60 per 100 Kg; Team 516 left Bitterfeld on Thursday 28 June ..



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