Inspection of Philips Works at Eindhoven

September 23-26, 1944

Reported by Sir Robert Watson-Watt

(Deputy Chairman, Radio Board)


CIOS Target Number 1/42

Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee

G-2 Division, SHAEF (Rear) APO 413


English language (pdf)


Keywords: Philips Eindhoven during the German occupation of Holland; Production details; Development Details; Elements of German organisation; Attitude of Philips Staff; Valve production; Dr. H.C. Hamaker; Phosphorescent screens with controllable afterglow; 25 watt reflex klystron for 10 centimeter range; Magnetrons - Allied and German; German 3 cm magnetron copy of US type; Mr. Koudys (Koudijs); Metal-to-glass and metal-to-ceramic seals; Dr. Staal; rugged valves; the Philips engineers considered 100g to be a extremely acceleration; German concentric short-wave triode (coaxial types); Einheitsröhre; Sendytron; Mr. Le Clercq; Dr. Speer; Mr. Rzechulka; negotiations between Philips and the industrial 'rings' were conducted principally by Mr. Rzechulka; RV12P2000 - RV2,4P700 - Germans reached according to Philips 1,000,000 per months; WaPrüf7; gbn; Le Clercq estimated that the Germans consumed 30,000,000 valves annually; orders IZ470; In addition the Hescho ceramic factory at Hermsdorf, Thüringen is stated to be absolutely essential to the German valve industry. They say that if it could be put out of action, German valve production would virtually cease. The factory incidentely, is located in an open field and presents an excellent bombing target; Dr. Busse, Prof. Esau; Dr. Huschka who is a Czech visited Eindhoven with Labusz (Dr. Labuss); Oberstleutnant Dr. Krause GBN; Dr. Kretzmann GL/LC4 RLM; Dr. Leiffer; Dr. Luschen S&H; Dr. May; Dr. Rottgardt; Prof. Schrenk - Plendl; Maj. Streimer; Dr. Todt; Dr. Weth; Mr. Wiegand, Mr. Zickermann; Dr. H.A. Klazens; Otten, Dijsterhuis Tromp; When security permits, and only if we are likely to need Eindhoven as a source for miniature valves, I would recommend that either Pratt, Clark or Kloppert of Mitcham be allowed to visit Eindhoven to set them straight!; War time production; Philips was found to to have done no work specifically towards German Radar. Most of the staff had no knowledge of German radar with exception of general impressions; Philips reluctance to cooperate with the Germans appears to have left them out of contact with up-to-date technical progress; Philips Beacon Transmitters DR80; Baumuster B.R.A. 30/20; Steinkühler (Blok) Navy Kiel laboratories; Philips Prague constructed the copy the GR generator which got type PHP22, Rohde&Schwarz; Julius Pintsch; Philips was allowed for deployed the following lisyt of fixed frequencies for test purposes; rhumbatron; ceramics with special magnetic and electrical properties; Ferricube; pulse telephony; Philips had a 567 line single frequency (40 MHz system befor the war. They are planning a 1200 line system, but were limited to 800 linesby amplifiers; Schmidt projection systems, powdered glass seals; Dr. Baume; ER1-WR1-CR101-CR105; DO84 - DR85 (36 - 48½ MHz) being developed at (Philips)It is understood that the most important work being carried out at Hilversum is in connection with Jäger programme. In September 1943 an urgency was placed on the production of FuG16 (meant FuG16ZY), Philips were to make 4200 of a total of programme of 30,000 - 40,000 required by August 1945; DR85 is an 85 kW beacion mounted in a car ... ; DR83A, Steinhage?; FuG102; Brendel- G. Weiss; Of all firms listed, it was urged upon us time and again that the production of ceramics was concentrated in the one firm of Hescho ... eradication of this factory by bombing would effectively cripple all German radio production; Jena Glass works of Schott and Genossen; Schoeller & Hoesch; German organisations at Philips Eindhoven; BAL; A3K = (Lorenz) 100WS designed by Mr. Tomardi 1933; Weisswasser glass works; Telefunken; Telefunken received Gera parts from Philips for essambly (= Torn Fu.g); Telefunken was stated to have a large receiving tube factory at Lodz;  Lorenz valve production estimated at 2,000,000 valves annually  



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