Reported by

W/CDR G.L. Hunt, MAP

Inspection Team


CIOS Target Nos. 1/18P, 1?350 and 9/359


Physical and Optical Instruments and Devices


Keywords: Iconoscopes (Telefunken - Bad Liebenstein); Crystal Valves (Telefunken - Bad Liebenstein); Dark Trace Tubes (Physical Instute Göttingen University); Cathode ray tubes (Telefunken - Bad Liebenstein); Phosphors (Leuchtstoffe -Steinbach); Light valves Picture Storage tubes etc. ; Synthetic quarz crystals for frequency control; materials evacuated; summary of other targets and personnel mentioned during the visits; The Telefunken Laboratory at Bad Liebenstein and the neighbouring Leuchtstoff factory at Steinbach were investigated .. ; Leuchtstoff was a separate company foormed ... ; Dr. Kamm and Dr. Funk were interrogated .. samples of fluorescent materials were obtained .. ; Physics Institute University of Göttingen .. Prof R.W. Pohl included in its activities dark trace (Blauschrift-Röhre or Skiatron, AOB) ... ; Staff interrogated Pr. Kupfermann - Dr. Mollwo - Dr. Hachenberg; Iconoscopes .. the work was undertaken by Telefunken mainly for the purpose of television .. ; Dr. Gold at Marburg University .. ; Super Iconoscope The work on this tube had been done by Dr. Thiele .. Prof. Schröter claimed that the tube was roughly 10 times as much sensitivity as the standard iconoscope .. ; Leitz Wetzlar .. ; The Orthicon  ... Dr. Wendt - Prof Schröter M. Barthemlemy of the Compagnie des Compeur in Paris .. ; Semi-conductive tube ... ; Crystal valves Dr. Bartels described the work which he had been doing ... ; Dark Trace Tubes ... (LB50 principle, AOB) ... the tungsten film was semi-transperant ... ; Dr. Gundert said that ... ; Projection tubes .. ; Reduction of Astigmatism .. ; Monoscope .. ; p7 screens .. ;Two colour screens .. The Luftwaffe directed Telefunken to investigate the possibility of using a 2 colour tube for moving target discrimination in the Autumn of 1944   .... ; Phorphors (Leuchtstoffe ... ; properties of zinc sulphide - zinc selenide phosphors ... ; a demountable cathode ray tube was employed ... ; The development is due to a demand for a CRT screen of small dimensions capable of giving a good definition with television scans of 2000 lines ..... ; The Fischer-Amrein project .. ; Dr. Krawinkel of the reichspost had been working at Hirschberg Silesia (Sudeten Mountains) on a picture storage device ... ; Synthetic quartz crystals for frequency control .. Prof. Nacken in Schramberg ...  



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