Stassfurter Rundfunk




Investigation of Stassfurter Rundfunk,

Loderburger Strasse, Stassfurt

May 10, 1945


Reported by:

Col. R.E. Burns    U.S.T.A.F.

Mr. Gottlieb    O.S.R.D.

Lt.Col. R.G. Friend    M. of S.

Major W. Maddison    M. of S.


CIOS Target Nos 1/278 & 7/119


Signal Communications


Keywords:    Location of target; Description of Target; Remote Control Gear; ...the research labioratories were said to be at Alaxiabad (Hartzen?? Apparatenbau Gesellschaft) .. ; medium sized works (1,400 employees of whom 800 were female) ..; Manager Hans Pucher .. the capital of the firm had been British ... Hs293 and FX ...... FUsor Berlin ..;It was stated that the factories had been visited by the SS before the capitulation and all documents and drawings related to the products destroyed .. ; The main factory at Stassfurt was slightly damaged by released slave labour ... ; .. The HS293 and FX Bombs had been developed in 1942 .... The gyro control for this stated to have been made by Askania; Stassfurt and transmitters as Kehl ... ; E 30a,b,..  E 230 E 230b .. E230 i ... E 230 v ... E 230-1 .. E 230-2 .. E 230-3 ... S 207-Su 207 .. E 237 Duisburg receiver .. S 238 Detmold .. S 208 Düren; It was alleged that a guided projectile was nearly raady for use. This was the  HS 117 ... Euzin (Enzian??) Wasserfall and Rheintochter ... 




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