Interrogation of Prof. Scherzer

of the BHF CIOS File No. XXXII-87

Munich, May 14th, 1945

Reported by:

CIOS Target No. 1/718


Keywords:    Radar camouflage; Aerials; Centimetric valve development; Propagation; Receivers; Night Fighter Radar; Radio Counter Measures; Fire Control; Submarine Radar; Navigation Systems; Transmitters; Fuzes; Foreign Information; Scherzer was scientific controller (Wissenschaftlicher Führung) of the Bevollmächtiger für Hochfrequenzforschung BHF); It was understood that he had worked in peace time upon the electronic microscope and earlier in the war with the German Navy ... ; Work on camouflaging against radar was begun in 1939 but great interest had been shown in the last two years .. ; Prof. Klemm and Prof. Kaufmann had worked in Prague on camouflaging paint but so far had not been successful .. ; Prof Kreuger believed to have been killed recently had worked on camouflaging aircraft - on the principle of conducting them transparent materials (for which ε = μ) and surrounding the engines and crew by absorbent materials .. ; Aerials the main problems being investigated were those of beam swing. ... pre ; Work had been proceeding in germany between 1939 and 1941 on centimetric radar and communications at latter date confidence in a successful conclusion (for germany0 of the war had lead to closing down all projects which could not be completed in a year. It was not until the Germans discovered we were using 10 cms in 1943 (3 February 1943, AOB) ... apparently, having failed to take the advice of its scientist earlier the Reich was adopting panic measures;  Development of high power pulsed magnetrons has been active and tubes up to 1 megawatt have been produced in the laboratory mainly Telefunken ... ; Steimel who was believed to have been captured by the Russians ... ; Dr. Huschka .. Scheibenröhren (ceramic light house tubes had been developed (LD9-LD12, AOB); Propagation Prof. Hetna of Jena had made a theoretical study .. ; Observations of echoes from ionises gases have been made .. Apparenty V2 was observed during trials by radar ... ; It was known that shell burst could be observed by radar ..; ... RCM Germany had started to work on "window" (Düppel, AOB) jamming in 1940 but a short interval all work and even discussion of it was forbidden lest we should obtain knowledge of it and use it against germany! ... ; The principle A.J. measures in use were Würzlaus and Windlaus K-laus which filters out of unwanted frequencies from the Doppler, and a supersonic delay line scheme, were in development; Ernst Lecher Institute ... ; Dr. Kulenkampf ...A centimeter flak radar had been developed known as Egerland. This was on 9 cm. set using mittors 2 to 3 metres in diameter ... ; Freya in 1938 Würzburg in 1939 and Mannheim in 1940 (developped, AOB); Tiefland, Prof Pungs ..; Seetakt on 80 cm, Graf Spee, ... ; Naxos ... ;Dr. Grafen .. ;Prof. Viewag (Vieweg?, AOB) of FFO .. Dr. Rottgart of Telefunken .. ; Dr. Gladenbeck of AEG; Dr. Scherzer had been in contact three years ago with a Capt. Ito of the Japanese Navy who was appointed as a H.F. Liaison officer between The Japanese and german Navies .. ; Italy was always suspected and liaison (technical) was not close with that country; Dr. Scherzer was not familiar with Russian radar and ... dr. Koch of Köthen may have information Published accounts of a Russian cavity magnetron made in 1937 reached germany early in the war (1940, AOB) but no great interest had been shown till the subsequent discovery of the use of centimetric waves by the Allies   


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