Summary of Capacity and Production

 in Germany



Reported by

Lieut T.L. Miller,    USNR

Nav Tec Mis Eu

Assisted by

Dr. W.E. Lawson

Mr. G.B. Castner


July 1945


CIOS Target No. 2e(ii)/87

Explosives and Propellants


Keywords:  The largest and most important firm manuafturing Military explosives in Germany was the Dynamit A.G. which had its headquarters at Troisdorf, near Cologne; The following table shows estimates of the installed capacity ... ; TNT - Propellant - Rocket Powder - Hexogen (RDA) - Nitro-Penta (PETN); Dynamit A.G. (incorrectly written Action-Gesellschaft, AOB) the largest explosive manufacturing firm in germany is owned to the extent of 51 percent by I.G. Farben Industrie A.G. the great German Chimical Co (by the way, the biggest chemical conglomerate of the world!, AOB)  .. Dr. Paul Müller - Dr. Wilhelm Pungs - Dr. Schmidt - Mr. Heinrich Schindler - Dr. W. Propach - Mr. Lore; .. the total production was a 1/3 to one-half of that of the United States ... ; Schlebusch TNT plant was built .. D 53084-1(J) 750 D/d R.122 3/46



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