A Limited study based on observations at Dornier, Messerschmitt and Heinkel Aircraft Plants

Reported by:

James T. Grey (TIIC)

CIOS Team 470

On behalf of

U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee

CIOS Items 4, 5 & 25

Rockets and Rockets Fuels

Jet Propulsion



Keywords: CIOS Targets Nos. 25/250, 5/11, 25/196 .... ; In order to conserve metal, especially aluminum, and to reduce production time, the German aircraft industry had developed several semistructual and structual parts in wood;  A new type deicing boot which comprised resitance wires embedded in a plastic sheath was also of interest. An early installation had been made on the Do-335 .. ; A new and exceedingly interesting "sealer"or lacquer had been developed by I.G. Farbenindustrie and applied by Henkel. This is Polystal, a di-isocyanate resin which was used to seal the integral gas tanks in the wing of the He-162 .. ; Interrogated at Manzell and Ravensberg Herr Flittiger, Chief Design Engineer, Herr Goetsch Purchasing Agent, At Richenbach (should be Reichenbach I guess, AOB) .. Herr Bauer Model Supervisor, Herr Brombeiss Assistent Plant Manager ... thermoplastic cable insulation, adjustable collar-button cable binders, molded plastic accessories, and plywood access-doors, the Dornier engineers had developed several interesting applications of wood and plastics .... ; The housing of the directional aerial of the Do-217 was formeed from plexiglas ... However, on the internal surface of the housing a metallic shield had been applied by metallizing process ... ; The special de-icing boot was comprised of a web or mesh of resistance .. ; Several wooden semi-structural components were incorporated on the Do-335 ..... ; The design of the parts was completed in corporation with Herr Erich (Erich, AOB) Bachem, Bachem-Werke, Waldsee, who was one of the outstanding designers of wooden aircraft in Germany; ... Kaurit WHK .. fabricated by Kittelberger at Höchst near Bregenz .. ; At the Munich Municipal Airport a number of wrecked Me-262 aircraft were inspected. It wa observed ... ; CIOS Target No. 5/117 and T/O's Report III- The use of wood and plastic aircraft parts in the Heinkel 162A A note on the oragnisation May (Programm Salamander) .. ; At Innsbruck on 7/7/1945 Hotel Hungerbergen Dr. Karl Schwärtzer Chief Designer; At Jenbach Paul Pantke technical Director of Subcontractor (Vienna (Wien); Herr Anton Grassinger Director of Jenbach Plant; Organisation May (incorrectly written MÄY, AOB); At Esslinger on 30 June 1945 Prof. Heinz Prinz Experimental Design Engineer; At Ebersbach Holz und Metallbau G.m.b.H. Herr Rogmann Purchasing Agent for Organisation May; At Biberich on 3 July 1945 Schwðbischer Formholz G.m.b.H. Herr Fritz Armbruster Technical Director; Kaufbeuren on 12 July 1945 Schwäbischer Formholz G.m.b.H. Herr R. Neuwirth (incorrectly written Nevwirth, AOB) and Herr D. Sost Engineer; At Isny on 8 July 1945 Heim-Werke G.m.b.H. Herr Wilhelm Heim and Herr Richard Heim co-owners and herr Amende Engineer and Draftsman Organisation May - intorrogation on Heinkel Organization .. ;R.L.M RLM Dr. Schwärzler ..; the following parts ..the wings..Tragflügel Kiefer in Flugzeugbau "Prüfvorschriften für Tragflügel No. 162 ... ; Oraganisation May in Linz Wärzhter? in Zeubenroda, Behr in Sprengen, Amme, Luther and Sack in Lend .. ; Wechter (Wächter?, AOB) Organisation ...; Tego-bonded .. ;Kaurit-WHK .. ; Polystal a poly-di-isocyanate IG Farben .. ; CIOS Target No. 4/217 The Production of wooden aircraft parts at the Bachem-Werke .. interrogated on 11 July 1945 Herr Eric (Erich, AOB) Bachem, owner; Herr bachem who was one of the outstanding designers of wooden aircraft .. parts for Do-335 ...... ; Report of production of J. Reiss at Tettnang, Herr J. Reiss owner and plastic designer Herr S. Nissen Assistant to J. Reiss interrogation ... ; chart on the Organisation May



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