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Physical and Optical Instruments and Devices


Keywords: Persons interrogated; Diode - Triode - Tetrode - Two diode circuit; Jacobi Director of development of electronic tubes (except X-ray tubes; Thaler - Production engineer for cold-cathode tubes; Harmsen - Head of research, cold-cathode tubes (from Siemens-Halske Berlin; Employees of F.F.O. Flugfunkforschungs Institut Ober-Pfaffenhofen, Wichman? Wichmann?, AOB) Research engineer; Luder - Research engineer; Ruhlemann director of Rheinmetall-Borsig; As far as could be ascertained, Siemens Reiniger were the only manufacturers of potassium activated cold-cathode tubes in Germany. Rheinmettall used these tubes in the manufacture of .... ; experimental time ... proximity ... ; the bases of all the cold-cathode tubes dealt  with in this report is a metal (usually nickel-plated iron) ...striking voltage .. ; A stability of +/- 1 volt from the original striking voltage value is claimed for each tube ... ;  As the tube is used in darkness a more practical cure is to introduce ... ; gas filling .. ; Early work on the diode was started in 1932 by Dr. Vatter .. ; For this purpose the diodes must also withstand accelerations up to 25,000 g!ode owing to the shortage of radium in Germany, attempts were made to design a tube with the triggering properties of a triode and which did not require Radium ... ; Townsend current .. ; Information obtained from Lder on the Terode .. ; Hulzen (Harmsen's Assistent .. ; The two diode trigger circuit - Wichman (Wichmann?, AOB) .. Wichman had found the tetrodes to be very reliable or uniform in behavior. He claimed .. ; Work on the fuzes using diodes was started in 1931-33 Before 1942 diodes had given trouble with glass breakages caused by potassium attacking the sealing wires ..... ; Stocks did not accumulate for more than 3 to 5 months .. ; After 2-3 years shelf life tests on completed fuzes there were 20% rejects, but only 1% were due to diodes ...



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