The I.T.T., Siemens and Robert Bosch Organisations



Schematic of FuG 139  modulator receiver


FuG 139 modulator-transmitter


This is a quite interesting report, dealing with subjects of which most of you hardly might have heard of.

Once investigated shortly after German surrendered. Hence, all had been inspected still quite briefly!


Some Keywords:    Elektra; Sonne; Mond; Knickebein; Erika; Goldwever; Hermine; Dr. Goldmann; Dr. Kramar; When Goldmann left Siemens in December 1937 Goldmann was sent to the USA to take part in development at I.T.& T. .. ; Elektra ..Prof. von Handel of DVL ..;  dirct indicating SWR meter herewith showing that such device wasn't exclusively invented in the US; A switch circuit avoided the change of load on keying and was developed and patented by Dr. Hoffmann ... ; Erika developed by Dr. Goldmann in 1941 ... Dr. Pfister had indicated the limits of accuracy ..; line goniometer; Komet .. installed in Denmark; .. Dr. Neidhardt ... ; Wullenwever .. ; Hermine "talking beacon"  ; Goldsonne; .. The standard Lorenz Adcocks all used 6 mast system stated to habe been extracted from a british patent, to enable enlarger spacings ... ; Dr. Schellhoss's C.R.D.F made by Schwarzer automatic line-up of a Watson-Watt type DF receiver ... (NVK?); Seitstrahl ..Victoria .. T. von Hautville... ; Plans are in hand for a new EGON B???? ..; Falkenstein ... FuG 139 "Time Modulation" a selective calling system ... Pulse Width 1 - 2 Ás, ; KAWAN anti jamming circuit as to counter Benito jamming ..;  time-pulse-modulation was done at Siemens, Telefunken, Lornz Dr. Jenimal at Munich and LMT/Lyon; .. FuG 120a ..; Stuttgart Fu 03 10-channel decimeter communication equipment .. Lorenz .. wave-length 21-24 cm 220 sets were built and all were supplied to the Army (Heer) .. ;  Robert Bosch self-healing capacitor properties