Walter Werke, Kiel


Reported by

CIOS Target No. 5/3 & 5/69

Jet Propulsion


The party left London on 5.6.45 arriving in Kiel the next day. Barham left Kiel on 16.6.45 and Simard left Kiel on 18.6.45


Keywords: Cdr. Aylen has asked Admiralty sanction, which is still awaited; Testing plant at Wik, Kiel; The Wik testing plant is essentially intact, though some local damage to buildings had sustained largely from blast. The electrical supply from the power station had been cut in the heavy raid of last April .. ; Luftstrahlantrieb; Lorin, propulsive duct; A full size propulsive duct suitable as a drive for the Ju263 was in course of manufacture .... ; RL-motor .. ; Hs117 ... ; LR-motor ... ; Intermittent jet action air drive .. ; Underwater drive ... T-stoff ... ; Thrust Augmentors ... ; Hans Ludwig ...



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