Selenium Rectifiers

S.A.F. Nürnberg

Institut für Anorganische und

Physikalische Chemie, Darmstadt



Reported by:

R.H. Ranger Lt. Col. Sig. Corps

Assisted by: Bernard Gelbaum, Lt. Sig. Corps

on behalf of the

U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


CIOS Target Nos. 1/289 & 9/323


Physical & Optical Instruments & Devices

August 1, 1945


Keywords: Targets S.A.F. Plants at Nürnberg and Weisenberg - Prof. R. Brill, Inst. for Anorganische und Physikalische Chemie, Darmstadt .. ; The main SAF plant at Nürnberg had been repeatedly bombed and was perhaps 40 % in condition. The branch at Weisenberg was undamaged;  Prof. Brill was seen at Heidelberg at his home: he stated that the Darmstadt Institute had ben badly looted, but otherwise not particularly damaged; Personnel interviewed: Herr Stegman (Stegmann?, AOB) Manager SAF Nürnberg - Dr. Laucjner Lobaratories Weisenberg - Dr. Schweickert Lab Weisenberg - Dr. Jessberger Lab Weisenberg - Prof Brill Institute for An. and Phys. Chemie, Darmstadt... ; Selenium Rectifiers were such an important part of all electric equipment for German war and civil economy, that great pressure was brought to bear to improve the quality and quantity of their manufacture; It fanaly worked out that SAF at Weisenberg was the sole non-bombed source of these, and they were ordered to stop making exposure meters and concentrate entirely on the rectifiers... The initial production difficulties of 1940 were pretty well ironed out by 1942; Prof. Brill was asked to investigate the theory of the cell with his X-Ray analysis facilities. This had not resulted in definite production assistence yet. ; Manufacturing selenium rectifiers, SAF; .... SAF (now a Lorenz concern) .... Due to the extreme necissity of these discs in all sorts of equipents, the german command restricted the SAF to their manufacture exclusively. .... ; The rectifier disc consists essentially of an iron base in the form of a telephone diaphragm in size from ....



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