Radio Sonde Transmitters



Reported by:

Lloyd R. Worden

Henry Droge

on behalf of

U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


CIOS Target Nos. 1/279 & 1/279a


July 26, 1945


Keywords:    Location of plants .. personnel interviewed Dr. Motte - Director .. Dr. Olt - development Engr. ... Sounde transmitter Under the direction of Dr. Olt Würt Radio gesellschaft m.b.H. had just finished the development of a 2 tube radio sonde transmitter which if the war had continued would have been Germany's standard unit. However, production of the new transmitter was never begun. ... A conventional Radar station beams an impulse link to the sonde in the air. The sonde receives it, amplifies it 20,000 times and without a time delay beams it back to the station on the same wave length. The receiving and re-beaming of the impulse link is effected by a pendulum generator which periodically blocks and opens the transmitter .. The meteological signals are modulated on a small 3 m transmitter and via a normal receiver are recorded at the ground station... RD2,4Ta made by Lorenz DDD25 made by Philips Co. Antwerp ...Beschreibug der Relais-Wettersonde .. Verfahren ...Die Fabrikation wurde noch nicht aufgenomen..



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