The Luftwaffe Signal School




Reported by:

Lt. Col. R.G. Friend

Ministry of Supply


CIOS Target No. 1/91a


Investigation team - The team comprised the members of C.I.O.S. Trip No. 140 viz:


Keywords:    Before the investigation team arrived (delayed five days in starting by bad flying conditions) the target had been extensively damaged. While it was evident that some of the destruction had been carried out by the Luftwaffe to prevent use of the equipment and disclosure of details, this was supplement by the destruction caused by civilians from Köthen (Köthen-Anhalt, AOB) .... finally an E.E.I.S. party had removed most items of interest. In the circumstances it was not possible to gain a coherent picture ...; The establishment, which was sited at about 1½ miles south of Köthen comprised ... ; names of staff: dr. Kühnhold - Becker - Rautmann - Rother - Rudolf - Roose - Hönigl - Dziock - Klickmann - Dr. Pirson - Dr. Schmidt - Dr. Steil - Dr. Zellner - Friedrich - Schmalbruch - Dr. Gehm - Knauer - Seydewitz - Gehrlich - Schulze - Höfer; It was learned that Dr. Kühnhold had removed all his papers and some of its laboratory equipment before he left. The laboratories had been fairly thoroughly wrecked but it was possible to appreciate the type of work which had been going on. Two large laboratories were devoted to a display of British and U.S. airborne equipment including H2S, Carpet, Freya jammers etc.. It was later learned that this laboratory acted as a pool of such British and U.S. equipment. For instance, when the ernst Lecher Institute wanted Carpet for some A.J. work they applied to Köthen and received a complete equipment in a week or so. The work that had been going on appeared to be investigations into our equipment, cataloguing etc. and there was no evidence of any A.J. work;  ... Seeburg Plotters .... ; It was reported that small detachments from the school at Wetlin and Löbejun??? two villages between Köthen and Halle and a signal store at Paschleben about two miles from Köthen; At Wetlin was found a small hut, previously used as a café on a hill ... the hut only contained a transceiver SE532F2/38 covering 52-60 cms. ... at Löbjun was found a colection of communication equipment which appeared not to have been installed or used and at Paschleben at the back of a Gasthaus and above a stable, was found a dump of old signal equipment, tools cables etc


Please notice at Plate 2 and 3 the Würzburg FuSE 65 G1 cabin and notice the Gema-Zusatz in the background with on the far right the Power Supply unit as well as that the front covers of the Eidechse and IG62a had been removed previously



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