Design of Radar Test Equipment

Siemens Halske Plant




Report on

Discussion of design of radar test equipment

at Siemens Halske plant

51 Hofmann Street

Munich, Germany


Reported by

Fred E. Henderson, U.S.

On behalf of the

U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


July 16, 1945


CIOS Target No. 1/469



Keywords: Personenel of Siemens Halske plant were originally at Asche, Czechoslovaks were responsible for the design of radar test Equipment; Physical condition of plant undamaged; The following personnel were interrogated Dr. Schniedermann - Chief Engineer Thilo ... Dr. Katti .. ; Dr. Schniedemann informed us ..test equipment in 30, 10 and 3 cm range. They had  also manufactured up to 1000 test sets per month at Asche. These test sets included Frequency meters, Power meters, Range calibrators, and Phantom Targets. ... ; They designed and built five different types of Phantom Targets. These sets differ from ours ... ; One of the most important developments completed by this group of engineers was a new type of thermistor that was produced in large quantities .. extremely stablle .. ; Recommendation I recommend that an engineer who has had a wide experience in the design of radar test equipment arrange an additional meeting with this group of German engineers .. ; data sheet Rel. wd 96A  Hl6/2??




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