Light Metal Production and Development for Aircraft I.G. Farbenindustrie, Bitterfeld



Reported by:

Lieut. J.C. Wilis, U.S.N.R.



June 1945

CIOS Target No. 21/24



Keywords:    There were two plants located in Bitterfeld under the direction of I.G. Farben: The South Works was devoted strictly to electrolytic manufacture of aluminum and produced about 15 percent of Germany's aluminum or 48,000 tons per year; Capacity Stassfurt .. Aachen .. Bitterfeld .. ; When magnesium became a "tight" item almost all magnesium wheet was displaced by aluminum. Approximately 80 percent of all magnesium made in Germany was cast ... ; Prices were set or frozen by Berlin and audit by trained engineers were made .. ; The press shop was equipped with one 30,000 ton press which is the largest in the world. Its over-all height from base below floor level to top was 86 feet. It was projected late in 1939 and took three years to build and install. It is said to have cost 12,000,000 Marks (or 4,800,00 dollars) ..... ; .... The largest forcing of magnesium ever made in Germany weighted 40,000 kilograms. Supercharging impellers were pressed from a cake to finished size in one step on a 6,000 ton press; I.G. Farben classified their Al-Zn-Mg alloy being as good, if not better, than duraluminum type alloys from stress corrosion consideration ... ; Blanke-Metallwerke, Merseburg (formerly Deutsche Zinkan Gesellschaft) ... ; It was learned that the leading die casting producer Mahle Connstadt has developed a new ... ; For surface treatment of magnesium alloys ... Flussal .. Elomag ... Seomag ...



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