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Drawings to CIOS XXVI 30


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F/Lt. P.R. Price, R.A.F. M.A.P.

Attached to Combined Advanced Field Team, Group 4

From 25.4.45 to 30.5.45


CIOS Target Nos. 5/2, 5/74

Jet Propulsion


Keywords: 003A0 Engine - 0031A1 - 003C - 003D - 003E1 +E2 - 003R Engines; production of 003 Engines; Applications and flight tests of 003 engine; relative state of development 003, 004, 011; experimental and development work in hand of 003; 018 Type Engine - 081R Type Engine - 028 Type Engines; Key to places Allach near Munich - Bruckmühl near Rosenheim - Burg near Magdeburg - Fürstenfeldbrück near Munich - Kolbenmoor near Munch - Spandau near Berlin - Stassfurt - Zühlsdorf .. ; Board of Directors at B.M.W.: Dr. Schaaf managing director came from Speer's staff, was general manager at BMW/Eisennach for many years; Dr. Stroffregel - Technical Director at Stassfurt, responsible for archives, came from Speer's staff; Dr. Bruno Bruckmann deveopment director at Oberwiesenfeld; Dr. Fiedler Automative Director; Dr. Scholl Director of Finance; Dr. Biefang deputy of Bruckmann . Dr. Bosse Design section leader in drawing office for 018 located at Kolbenmoor; Bruno Bruckmann board of directors, developemnt manager .. ; Däubling production manager at the Kolbenmoor plant; Dr. Denkmeier in charge of Jet test Section since July 1944, previously i/c/ reciprocating engine test at DVL Berlin; Dr. Donath Production manager at the Oberwiesenfeld plant; Dipl.-Ing. Dorls Production manager at the Allach plant; Dipl.-Ing. Hagen In charge of the department which makes detail examination of jet projects ... ; Dipl.-Ing. Huber Deputy chief of project department .. ; Dipl.-Ing. Kappus Chief of the Project department ... ; Dipl.-Ing. Menz Assistant to Bosse on design of 018 loacated at Kolbenmoor; Dr. Noack Chief department which deals with control problems  ... ; Dr. Östrich Head of Jet Engine Development Departments .. ; Rücker In charge of 003A series "pilot line"production ... ; Schneider Designer of 718 rocket motor; Dr. Seidel Runs technical management department ... ; Dipl.-Ing. Söstmeyer Designed the high altitude plant at Oberwiessenfeld of which he is now on charge ...; Staege Flugkapitän .. ; Dipl.-Ing. Stoeckicht Leading man on design of front section of 028 .. ; Dr. Ulsamer Manager Northern Factories (including Spandau ..) ; Dr. Wiegand Chief Metallurgist .. ; H. Zborowski normally head of Rocket Development Department ... ; Ziegler Deputy head of Rocket Development Designer of 548 and 558 rockets ; Notes on other personalities: Burkhardt of Würtenberger Metallwaren Fabrik WMF) at Geislingen Expert in forging of compressor blades and pressing turbine blades; Dr. Ebert of V..M. Frankfurt - and Stoeckicht were leading men in design of front section of 028 .. ; Prof. Dr. Friedrich Daimler Benz, associated with design of 021, Office in shoe factory at Faurndau near Göppingen; Kamm Associated with Daimler-benz on jet reciprocating engine developments. Designer of the 48 cylinder engine type 809 ... ; Dr. Lippart of Robert Bosch at Stuttgart is an expert in fuel nozzles and pumps .. ; Prof. List at Dresden technical College .. ; Alfred Müller Associated with Kraftfahr Technische Versuchsanstallt der SS at St. Aegyd Niederdonau near Vienna .. ; Dr. vo Ohain head of jet engine development at Heinkel-Hirth .. ; Dr. Porsche Had his own firm. Designed various jet engines including an exendible one to replace impulse engine on V1, loacted at Zell-am-See; Schelp Head of jet propulsion section at RLM ... ; Helmut Sachse Has his own firm of the same name at Kempten ... ; Dr. Sänger of DFS (D.F.S.) Ainring near Salzburg Expert on athodyds .. ; BMW rocket 109-510 - 109-548 - 109-558 - 109-708 - 109-718; BMW reciprocating engines 9-801D .... ; Sicromal .. ; Blade manufacture ; Creep Stess Limits for Blades .. ; aluminised mild steel ; Alumakieren ... developed by Zarges-Weilheim; J.2 fuel is apparently very little refined and varies a lot in quality .. ; Riedel starter motor cuts out at 2,000. The Riedel motor was always started with its electric motor as the pull wire was not satisfactory. The Riedel was very liable to overheating and the automatic clutch also gave a lot of trouble ... ; idling speed .. ; 003C engine this type had a compressor of Brown-Boveri sign and manufacture .. ; 003D an order was received from RLM in April 1945!!!! .... ; 003R engine .... Me262 ... critical altitude is obtained by switching on the rocket when at normal ceiling  ... could reach 14 km (46,000 ft.) theoretical ceiling was 18 km (59,000 ft.) .. ; He162 ... ;hollow turbine blades .. ;  ... The high altitude test plant at Oberwiesenfeld/Munich is believed to be the finest in the world ... It is strongly recommended that immediate steps be taken by interested parties to instruct re-opening of this plant. In view of the apparent lack of full performance test data on German jet engines, it is suggested that the 003 and 004 be tested in the chamber as a first step. The adjacent Oberwiesenfeld airfield would make it convenient to fly in Allied engines for test


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