Seefliegerhorst Wesermünde

(Evacuation from Erprobungsstelle

der Luftwaffe, Karlshagen)



Reported by:


CIOS Target No. 5/199, 6/94

Jet Propulsion

Directed Missiles

Location at Wesrermünde-Nord

Map. Ref. L54/R538555

Date of Investigation 20th to 22nd may 1945


Keywords: History of target; Condition of target; Activities; Description of BV246 Glider Bomb; Recoomendations; List of scientific personnel; List of documents evacuated; Valuable equipment was found, including 6 kinetheodolites; The Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe, Karlshagen (near Peenemünde) was evacuated from Karlshagen because of the Russian Advance on about 11 March 1945 to Seefliegerhorst Wesermünde, which it reached about 20 March. Before it had time to unpack its equipment and resume operations it was maneced by British advance;  Hs293 ...; The T-Force commander  ... Cuxhaven ; Oberst Graf von Saurma was escorted around the airfield by an American officer ...; H.L.R.S. ... ; X4 rocket FuG E28A ... Ln28801 ... FMS 50U and FMS 50Z .. section E8 ... ; BV246 glider bomb .. ; List of Scientific personnel removed from Erprobungsstelle Wesermünde on 18 May by 30 Corps (British?)



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