Pulverised Magnesium



Reported by:

Squadron Leader B.H. Jones, M.A.P.


CIOS Target Number 21/24, 21/199. 21/200, 21/201



Keywords: Trip commenced 19 June 1945 ... Trip conclused 4 July 1945; Visit to I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, Nordwerke - Electron Bitterfeld; Obtaining plant suitable for producing Pulverised Magnesium - Grade 0 .. Obtaining any stockas on hand of Pulverised Magnesium - Grade 0; Ascertain the existence of any similar plants in SHAFF occupied territory, and visit them for the purposes similar to ... ; ... full co-operation promised in that connection. It is recommended that the Allied Authority most concerned with Magnesium Grade 0 production will follow up the evacuation request to establish the location of the three scientist, whose particulars are as follows Dr. Erich Krasel .... Dr. Gotthard Gosrau ... Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Winkler ... the day that the shipment of plant was despatched (22 June 1945) the appropriate information was signalled from HQ XXI Corps ... ; Societa Anonima Electron Milan Italy .. ; Wintershall Aktiengesellschaft Werk Herringen-Am-Werra ... ; Fabrik Wolfratzhausen der Gesellschaft m.b.H. für Verwertung chemische Erzeugnisse Wolfratzhausen .. ; Motor Car tyre paint Alumobil - Heat resisting paint Aluplast ... ;Present production Eight grades of powder .. Dr. Forster .. ; It was suggested ..  



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