I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G.




Reported by

Part One

Colonel K. Gordon    Britsih Ministry of Fuel and Power


Part Two

Lt.Col. O.F. Thompson    British Ministry of Economic Warfare

Personnel of Team

Mr. Harold V. Atwell    U.S. Petroleum Admin. for War

Major E. Tilley    Br. Army; CIP, G-2, SHAEF (Rear)

? ? H. Jones    U.S. Bureau of Mines


On Behalf of

British Ministry of Fuel and Power


U.S. Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


CIOS Target Number 30/4.17

Fuels and Lubricans


Keywords:    Location Office Grüneberg Platz; The target is a very large office building which was the cheif financial and business office of the IG; Tetraethyl Lead; Ethyl Chloride; Aromatic Amines; Methanol; Mersol; Lubricating Oil .. At Leuna there was a plant cracking ethane to ethylene amd the ethylene was used for ... ; OXO Process ... ; Synthetic Fatty Acids; Aviation Fuel - Leuna .. The final  programme to which Leuna attempted to work was the production of 400,000 tons per year of aviation fuel and 200,000 tons per year diesel oil for the German Navy ... The programme could have been achieved at the expense of aromania production which has resulted in drastic cuts in fertilizer allocations to farmers... In 1942 farners received 100 % of their requirements but by 1944 their allocation was cut to 40% and by the end of that year no fertilizer nitrogene was available. ; Kybol is the code name for ... ; Heydebreck This was a new nitrogen plant comprising of .. ; Oppanol and Lupolene Oppanol is the IG trade name for polyisobuthylene which is made at Oppau .... ; Lupolene is the IG trade name for ethylene polymer ... ; Prepartaion of Hydrocarbons fron .. ;  Yields at Oppau ...;  until 1939 the I.G. was the largest producer in the world of dyes and dyers auxiliary products ... ; A department to deal with general economic and political-economics problems was attached to the central Finance Office in Berlin. This was the Wirschaftpolitische Abteilung located at Kochstrasse 73 ... Dr. Max Ilger .. ; Agfa photo products formed another department ... ; Pölitz cost figures 1941 ... ; The ramification of the I.G. farben are the subject of a special study by a group ... ; Four Year Plan (Vier Jahres Plan) ; The smooth operation of the I.G. were imperilled at an early stage of the war by a high-handed action of Kehrl (meant is Hans Kehrl, AOB) chief of the Planungsamt. This "bankrupt textile manufacturer from Kottbus" (Cottbus, AOB) ... It was stated that Kehrl put pressure upon the I.G. to increase manufacturing capacity for textiles and regardless the fact ... ; Planungsamt was not the only administration that made mistakes. The unpredictable policies of the Luftfahrtministerium ... ; Monturon A.G. This company was similar in its organisation to Anorgan ... lethal gases .. ; ... Most of the arrangements were made without any allowances for war risks and when expenses were incurred as the result of bomb damage it was necessary for either subsidies or special loans to be made to the operation companies .. ; Up to the time of the last computation, in April (1945?) the total claim of the I.G. Farben and its subsidiaries agains the Goverment for bomb damage amounted to maximally 1,200,000,000 RM. .. ; Before the war, the I.G. had aquired a predominant position in the chemical field in most European countries by means of international cartel arrangements ... ; * Dr. Hans Kugler of Frankfurt office had particular knowledge of all the dyestuff cartel arrangements and especially the arrangements made in Bulgaria, Hungary and Roumania .. ; ... Spain was used as a channel for smuggling of commodities through Allied blockade. The improtance of the country ... ;  I.G. using Schenker & Co as entrepreneurs ... "made in Spain" .. In regard to domestic sales in Spain these were produced through subsidiary companies ... ; Spain was used as channel for the smuggling of commodities through the Allied blockade. ; .... I.G. disliked the business practice of Japanese ... ; Sales of dyesstuff to Japan came under supervision of Georg Wolhelm Spamer head Abteilung Farben Japan ... ; In exchange for these dyestuffs the I.G. was successful in importing a useful quantity of Wolfram. ... ; Wolfram imports by I.G. Farbenindustrie from Japan .. ; Espionage & Post War Plans ... Baron von Schnitzler cells in Spain in Spain, Sweden, Switzerland the Irish Free State ... ; Magnesium in 1935 Germany's production apacity of magnesium was only to the order of 3,000 to 4,000 tons per annum ... Energetic steps were taken to increase this capacity and the I.G. played a leading role in the expansion of the industry ... ; Their knowledge of magnesium was likely to be particular interest, .... The plant at Moosbierbaum on the Danube (Donau, AOB) had actually unhappy record ... ; Vanadium a new process had been developpped under Roechling patent for the extraction of vanadium from Bessemer slag ...



Management Boards of Director (I.G. Farben Industry

The Board of Management

The central Committee



Technischer Ausschuss or TEA with its headquarters in Frankfurt. This Committe met at irregular intervals and its memberships comprised of the following:

Sparte II

Sparte III

Distribution Organisation:

Dr. Benn - Dr. H. Oster + R. Hanser (Stickstoff Syndikat) - ....



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