Turbine Engine Activity at

Ernst Heinkel Aktiengesellschaft



Werk Hirth-Motoren


May 1945

Reported by:

F/Lt. L.P. Bamford    RFVR

Lieut. S.T. Robinson    USNR

F/O P.R. Price, RAFVR

Lieut. (jg) A Kalitinsky, USNR


C.I.O.S. Target Number 5/21

Jet Propulsion


Keywords:    Heinkel-Hirth Jet Activity; Describtion of the He S 11 and 109-011 A-0; Ernst Heinkel G.m.b.H. Tree, Projects 1940 to date; 109-011 A-0 Drawing Number Key, Removed from Zuffenhausen; Section Arrangements and Performance; Compressor Set; This report is intended to provide but a brief outline of the subject and is based upon the investigators' observations, interrogation of personnel and a brief study of some three hundred pounds of documents and 30,000 feet = (9144 m) of microfilm records evacuated from Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen; the development at Rostock were a private venture of the part of Heinkel who wished to be in on the pickings of both airframe and power plant manufacture of the future .. ; ... for all practical a privately owned, state subsidised laboratory. The only production work of any consequence that they carried out was the manufacture of exhaust turbo supercharger for the BMW 801 .... ; Jet activity has followed three lines of development over the past ten years. The first laid down by the Heinkel Rostock organisation in 1936, and generally credited to Dr. von Chain , ... ; The second line of development was on axial flow turbo-jet engines and was sponsored by a Herr Müller who came to Heinkel from Junkers in 1938 or 1939 ... ; Dr. Bentele ... ; He S 3b - He S 6 - He S 8 (109-001) - He S 9 - He S 10 (109-010) - He S 30 (109-006) - He S 40 - He S 50 - He S 60, He S 11 (V1 to 5)(V = Versuchsmuster or prototype) - 1945 He S 11 (109-011 A-0) ...; Heinkel-Hirth dispersal ... Staatliche Friedrichshall/Kochendorf about 10 miles north of Heilbronn . underground production .. : Norbert Riedel K.G. Werk Waltersdorf ...     




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