Synthetic Rubber Plant

Buna Werke-Schkopau A.G.



Reported By

J.D. Fennebresque,     T.I.I.C.

C.C. Monrad,     T.I.I.C.

J.E. Troyan,    T.I.I.C.


CIOS Target Number 22/82

Miscellaneous Chemicals


It has to be noticed though, that for practical reasons I did copy only the relevant pages. Leaving out non essential details.

The last part of this document contains quite good photographs!

Another important remark. After June or early July the Russian took possession of what later became known as DDR. It might well have been, that shorly after they occupied the Merseburg area, that they did start with the dismanteling of the Schkopau plant as to transport it as a trophy of war to Russia.

Particularly the Americans used the opportunity to lay their hands on as much as gear as possible before the Russians could do so. Similarly was the situation at the Leuna Works.



Keywords:    Buna Werle, Schkopau, is the largest Buna S synthetic rubber plant in Germany with a rated capacity of 6,000 tons per month. Production in 1943 wa 68,000 tons, and several months was slightly in excess ...

Acetylene for acetaldehyde and ethylene manufacture is produced from calcium carbide. Butadiene is made from acetaldehyde by the so-called aldol process and ethylbenzene for styrene manufacture is made from ethylene and benzene ... Buna S and S-3 are polymerized from butadiene and styrene continously. Buna 32, Buna 85, and miscellaneous organic chemicals are also produced ...

Target Buna Werke A.G. I.G. Farbenindustrie Schkopau, Kreis Merseburg, germany CIOS Black list target 22/82

After investigation of the Chemische Werke at Hüls, it was evident ...

Plant personnel Key personnel:

Dr. Wulff, Managing Director

Dr. Moll, Technical Director

Herr Biedenkopf Chief Engineer

Dr. Ecarius, Personnel Director

Dr. Bohring (Böhring?, AOB) Chief Accountant

Dr. Klein, Technical Supervisor of Polymerization

Dr. Kehlen, Technical Supervisor of Aldol manufacture

Dr. Strobele (Ströbele?, AOB) Technical Supervisor of Butylene glycol distillation

Dr. Jacobi, Technical Supervisior of Butadiene manufacture

Dr. Broich, Technical Supervisor Butadiene manufacture

Dr. Shafer (Schäfer,?, AOB), Technical Supervisior of Ethylbenzene and styrene manufacture

Dr. Emmler, Interpreter and dye chemist

The greater part of the important technical and production files were removed in January, 1945, from the plant to a mine schaft at Wintershall A.G., Werke Bismarckshall in Bischofferode, C. Bleicherode. These documents ...

Construction of the plant was begun in 1937 and completed in 1939 at which time it was put into production ...

For capacity operation, the plant required 15,000 employees, of which 4,500 were foreign workers during the last several years ...

Condition of the plant

The plant is generally in good condition. A small air raid in January 1945 resulted in some damage to the chlorine, Buna polymerization, polyvinyl chloride ...

The primary hydrocarbon raw material, acetylene, is produced from coke and lime through calcium carbide by the conventional process ....

Rated Capacities Buna S - Buna 32 - Buna 85 - PVC - Polysterene - Ethyl alcohol - Butanol - Acetone - Phthalic enhydride - Formaldehyde - Diglycol - SS oil (lubrication oil) - Tetrahydrofurane - Trichlor ethylene - Ethyl chloride - Waste lime (Ca(OH)2)(used as fertilizer) - Caustic soda - Aluminium chloride ...

Summary of Yields 1944 ...



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