I.G. Farbenindustry A.G.

Leuna, Germany



Reported by:

Dr. W.S. Calcott,    CWS,    HQ ETOUSA

Lt. Col. J.G. Boyne (Br)    M. of S.

Dr. P.J. Leaper,    CWS,    Hq ETOUSA

The plant was visited on 10 May 1945

date of report: 18 May, 1945


CIOS Black List Item - 22

Miscellaneous Chemicals


This report is an addition to other reports, but going a bit more into the nature of the concerned chemistry


Please be aware that this site was visited just when hostilities ceased. A few weeks later the Americans handed this part of Germany over to the Russians.


Keywords:    Chief Organic Compounds .. ; Luran ...; Triethanolamine .. ; Glycerine Substitute .. ; Phosgene .. ; Oxidation of Hydrocarbons .. ; Soap Substitude .. ; Aldenhydes .. ; Fatty Acids .. ; Synthesis of Benzene .. ; Alanine ... ; Aliphatic Amines .. ; Adipic Acid .. ; Resin .. ; Production figures .. ;    

Methanol, isobutanol and higher alcohols

Lubricating oils (from ethylene)

Phenol, cresols, xylenols, pyrocatechol and resercinol

Cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone

Epsilon amino caprioc acid (an intermediate for "Luran", the IG "Nylon")

Alcohols containing up to 10 carbon atoms, with traces of C12 alcohols

Tri-hydroxymethyl ethane

Iso octane

Alkaylate (Referred to as ET 120)

Mersol and Mersolat (soap substitute, made from a Fischer-Tropsch oil fraction)

Aldenhydes (e.g. Iso-butyric Aldeheyde)

Esters from adipic acid and Leuna alcohols

Acid from alcohols

Mono- di, and tri-methyl amines

Luran was not made at Leuna ... Landsburg, Berlin Premnitx and Wolfen ...

Fischer-Tropsch oil known as kogasin ...



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