Radar, and Electronics Targets

Cologne and Vicinity



Report Compiled By

Dr. H. Guyford Stever,    OSRD

Office of Scientific Research and Developement

London Mission

Mission took place on March 7th to 17th, 1945

In accordance with SHAEF directives, the officers and civilians listed:


Major Johnson Ferguson    Ministry of Supply

S/Ldr. A.E. Glazer,     MAP

Major P.N. Brightwell,    MEW

Capt. C.A. Epp,    War Office

Major J.D.W. Janes, War Office

Lt-Col. G.E. Jackson,    War Office

Lt. C.L. Cormany,    USSTAF

Lt. Henry V. Lee,    US Navy

Lt. Elvin E. Ecklund,    US Navy

Major John Arthur,     US Signal Corps

2/Lt. Harry Dauber,    US Signal Corps

Dr. Everett W. Thatcher,    OSRD

F/Lt. Menist,    RAF, PWI

F/Lt. Fishwick,    MAP

Lt. Anderegg,    US Navy


CIOS Black List Items

No. 1 - Radar

No. 7 - Signals Communications

No. 9 - Optical Devices


CIOS Targets:

1/18x, 1/66i, 1/6i, 1/128a, 1/128b, 1/369, 1/287, 1/347, 1/358, 1/384b


Keywords:    Telefunken, AEG, Siemens & Halske, Leybold und Von Ardenne - E. Leybold's Nachfolger, Wilhelm Wirz,

T Force Headquarters

Dr. Dunkel

Dr. Jaeckel


Deutsche Norton  this firm is a branch of Norton Worcester Mass. using similar equipments and techniques     Manager Otto Schutte ....

V.A.W. Erbtwerk Aluminium Warenwerke produced Düppel (Window)(Shaff) at Grevenbroich The plant was in excellent condition ...

Schollerwerk G.m.b.H

Franz Baumgartner Target was bombed in late 1943 or early 1944 ...

Mix und Genest

Tony Adels manufacturer of electric switches and safety devices

University of Cologne Institute of Theoretical Physics ...

Cologne Engineering School  Prof Grunewald (Grünewald? AOB)

University of Bonn Physikalisches Institut Director dr. Fuchtbauer Assistant Dr. Meyer (age 28)

Fabrik für Elektrischer Zünder G.m.b.H.

Corona G.m.b.H. Fabrik Elektrischer Artikel ..

Firma F. Himmermann engaged in the working of small rolled-steel materials ..

Firma Collardin  interview with Dr. Wilhelm Stuhlinger Mr Leone Huber both Swiss citizens ....

Hellige & Co. This target could not be found ..

Carl & Co ...

Amtz und Eichnoff G.m.b.H. ..

Deutsche Telephon Werke (DeTeWe, AOB) ...

Hochspannungsbetriebs (Hochspannungs Betrieb) m.b.H.??    Fischer Managing Director - Thater Works Manager - Ziems Einkäufer

Bergmann Elektriziätswerke A.G. ...

Steinert Elektromagnet Bau G.m.b.H. ...

Firma H.& M. Plessmann       Firma Saline Karlshafen ...

University of Bonn (Uni Bonn, AOB) ... Infar-red

Prof. Feuchtbauer ... Infra-red reciver P5/1 UR42    .... Dr. Habitz ... Dr. Richter ... Dr. Brode OSRD infra-red expert ...

Stättische (Stattnische) Ingenieur Schule und Technische Bücherei ...

Aluminium-Folien-Walzwerk Leber K.G. ....

Cologne Airport ... thsi target was evacuated, but a British ...

Documents and material Evacuated (= confiscated, AOB)




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