Production of Dornier D.O. 24

Flying Boat



Reproted by

Lieut. M.A. Boit, USNR


C.I.O.S. Target No. 25/69



Keywords:    Personnel Interviewed; Premises Inspected; Production Rate amd Schedule; Dispersion; Future Production scheduled by the Germans; Matriculation Numbers; German Personalities; Future Production scheduled by the French .. ; Mr. Perez Director of the SNCAN factory at Sartrouville near Paris on 12 December 1944 .. Mr. Fledet of Mr. Blazy's office at the Service de la Production du Ministere de l'Air, 129 Rue de la Convention, Paris on 12 December 1944 ..; SNCAN factory ...; Complete assembly of DO-24 was carried out at SNCAN and a first contract with Dornier Friedrichshafen scheduled delivery of 52 ships by February 1943 ... Additional production was also scheduled at the Weserflugzeugbau and from ....; There are enough materials available for the construction of thirty ships, including spare parts. At present there is a standing order of twenty ships for the French Navy ... The number of Bramo 323 engines available is only for eight ships. However, stocks of these engines are still being uncovered in France and it is expected that greater number will be available in the future. The French Navy is planning to use these ships as mail carriers between France and North Africa ... ; Production and serial number data ..



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