Descripion of Junkers .004 (203)

Jet Propulsion Engines

CIOS XI-6 XII-9 and XIV-4


Reported by:

J.P. Den Hartog    Cmdr. USNR

W.P. Roop    Captain USN

Dr. H.J.E. Reid    US

R.S. Sproule    R.C.A.F., M.A.P.


5th December 1944 ... 30 December 1944


CIOS Black List Items

5. Jet Propulson

26. Aircraft Engines



Keywords:    Junkers Aircraft Enigens - Plant at Strassburg in Alsace ... Junkers Aircraft Factory at 200 Rue de Colmar Strassburg ... ; Junkers Plants in Magdeburg and Köthen ... We walked with Alfred Bauer chief of the production departement, who priviously had worked for Matford and later for Junkers at the same plant ...

At Magdeburg Plath head of production ... Hartmann shop superintendent.

At Köthen Aurich chief constructor ... Hirsch production superintendent ...

The important find in this factory was one turbo-jet engine of which all pieces except the compressor were found ... 

ALSOS-50 ALSOS Intelligence Mission  II. Junkers 0004 jet Unit at Matford pland (Plant?) Strassburg .... A brief contact was also made with the Group T-Force which was at the the time established in Luneville ....

The Junkers .004 (203) is an important development and very effort should be made to obtain a complete jet propulsion engine of this design ...

Haserode were going to made centre castings

Benfeld repairs to 211, 213

Brauch - Urbach

Wema ..

Muldenstein ..

Nordhausen ..



Zwickau ..

Turbine Blades there was belief that the hollow blades were inferior to the solid one although they save material Vivration troubles caused ...

Turbine wheel construction ..

Compressor blades ..


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