Televison in France



Reproted by

F.C. McLean

ALOS Mission

15 October, 1944


CIOS Black List Item - 9

Instrument and Devices

Pages 1 - 3 are, sadly, missing

Keywords:    During demonstartion, films and a live scene from studio were shown both the 450 and the 1050 line systems .. The improvement in the encrease in entertainment value of the 1050 line picture was most marked ....* ; ... On one model of camrea, the operator surveys the picture through a view finder, while on the other camera, he looks at the picture being transmitted on a cathode ray tube ... ; They have a large television studio which was built to the order of the Germans and has an auditorium which 250 seats ... The control room has facilities for mixing the outputs of up to six camera's and has enormous cathode Ray Tubes for looking at the various pictures ... ; The television camera's were removed by the Germans but they left the film equipment. This consisted of a fairly elaborate cine projector and a pick-up, which consisted of an orthicon, fitted with a photo-cell ... 


*    It is alway amazing that when those in Britain speak about 'High Definitio''  televison they mean the 405 line system; whereas when the Germans and French speak about high definition TV they mean a 100 - 1050 line system.   



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