Aircraft Works of

Koninklijke Maatschappij

"De Schelde"

CIOS IX-5-6-7-XI-22


Reported by

Lt.Comdr    R,H, Fagan    USNR

W/Cmdr    R. Purves    RAF

Lt. Col.    C.R. Laubenfels    USAAF

S/Ldr.    T.D. Sellwood    RAF

Lt.     A. Biot    USNR

S/Ldr.    A.H,M. Macbean    RAF

F/Lt.    L.V. Davis    RAF


P/W. Interrogated by

S/Ldr    G.B. Jepson 2nd TAF


Target No.

25/60, 25/69


CIOS Black List Item 25



Keywords:    German Control at Flushing and Breda, DO 24 (Do 24)(D.O. 24 Flying Boats) Production; Delivering wings by the N.V. Kon.My. "De Schelde"; Mr Schipper chief engineer .. ; Flushing (=Vlissingen) ... ;

As is already well known the "DE Schelde"Works at Flushing (Vlissingen) were manufacturing under license DO24 Flying boats for the Dutch Government before the War. Prior to this the Dutch Government had obtained 6 DO24 Flying Boats from the Dornier Works at Friedrichshafen (Friedrichhaven) and before the german invasion of Holland some 7 Flying Boats had been completed ... ; On the 22nd May, 1940, an RLM representative visited  ... ; Apart from the change-over from Wright Cyclone Engine to Bramo 323 R2 Engines (9 cylinders - 800 Hp .... This man was named Stellman (Stellmann?) who was accompanied by Dr. Linder ... ; Stellman was replaced by Schmidt who came from the Fokker Works near Amsterdam ....Engineer Götz ... Ganss who came from Prague ... Aviolanda Papendrecht Schönfeld and Gessner (Gässner?) ... ; Erla concern at Antwerp ... ; Goor Eternit Kopnanie Haven ... ; Breda Dispersal Factory at Chocolade Fabriek "Kwatta"... ;  .... During the time the germans were in control of the DO 24 construction in Holland a total of approx. 175 completed flying boats were delivered ... ; "De Schelde" works at Dordrecht ...     



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