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Mr. H.W. Bahns   M.of S.

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Mr. G. Knott

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Keywords: Interrogation of Dr. Wiegend - Dr. Hermann - Dr. Siegenbein AEG - Dr. Herriger Lorenz - Dr. Römpe - Dr. Ewest - Dr. Studemund, Herr Schlenke - Dr. te Gude Philips - Dr. Fehr C.H.F. Mueller (Müller) Hamburg - Herr Andrieu Telefunken - Dr. Mailandt Telefunken - Professor Moeller (Möller) Max Wien Insitute - Dr. Matthias - Dr. Engel Siemens Reiniger - Dr. Koebel (Köbel) Siemens & Halske - Dr. Haefer Max Wien Institute - Dr. Netheler Eppendorfer Hospital - Herrn Siegfried Schwarz - Dr. W. Schwarz - Dr. Maier Telefunken - Dr. Stockmeyer - Dr. Schnappanf? - Dr. Schünk - Dr. Ebe; German trigitron persons situated in the Russian Zone were inaccessible .. ; application of thyratrons to radar pulse modulators ... exceeding 200 kW - 1000 kW and a helium filled gave a peak power of approximately 250 kW; the potential advantages of hydrogene were appriciated and indeed a fair amount of use had been made of it in contrast with its apparent neglect in England ... ; Helium seems to have been the filling used for the radar thyratrons. This gas has not given good results, either in America or in England ... as it was, the greatest they achieved seems to have been 250 kW; ... work done by AEG (A.E.G.) .. ; Dr. Hoffmann of S&H Siemensstadt - Steimel & Dr. Jacobi and Putzer did thyratron development work for Siemens .. only Putzer was still in the Western Zone .. ; Dr. Kleen .. Dr. Koch and Dr. Aarens of AEG leading people on thyratrons; Dr. Nippold AEG Hohenzollern Dam Berlin knew the the AEG staff well until his death in 1943 Dr. Glaser was in charge of thyratron development he had an international reputation his assistant Dr. Koch .. thyratrons was dealt with in 1941 ...  Dr. Mohr took over. Dr. Bacher and dr. Straub of Bosch, Seidenstrasse Stuttgart; Herr Grother Bad Cannstadt Buchenhaldenstrasse had developped a suitable hydrogen thyratron; Dr. Midius Technische Hochschule Munich had worked with Prof. Schumann ... ; Mr. Muth and Andrieu of Telefunken;  Prof. Marx of Braunschweig; Dr. Keitner had worked on stroboscopes; Dr. Hermann Technische Physikalische Werkstätten See-Strasse Reinigendorf Berlin; Dr. Siegenbein of AEG developed impulse generators for the transmitters; Dr. Werner; Dr. Siegenbein of AEG; Dr. Steinbeck (wrongly written Stainbeck); Si/6 (SI/6) helium filled thyratron made by AEG; Si/3 (SI/3) He filled; Dr. Aaerens? working with Siegenbein at AEG Clausthal-Zellerfeld; Dr. Koch gave his opinion that good life in hydrogen thyratrons is entirely a matter of purity of materials and of saturating the electrodes with hydrogen; LV20 ≈ US 715B but made on a pressed glass base ratings ... ; A barium aluminium getter was used, cathodes were aged over a period of 24 hours the H.T. voltage being gradually increased up to 18 kV; Dr. Siegenbein AEG high power radar set, the second set was made by the firm ELAC in Kiel modulator valves AV1012 AEG ..; It was intended to replace the AV1012 by the LV21 which was in further development ... RL12T75 had been developed for pulse operation. It was constructed as a triode with two cathodes two grids and two anodes each being connected in parallel; SEE Trochelmann's DACHSIGEL part two ; LG201 and LG203; Dr. Floriet; Dr. Ewest's home in Lankewitz Berlin LG203 was filled to a pressure of 8 atmospheres with 62.5% Argon, 17.5% Air and 20% Nitrogen. The filling was carried out by liquifying the argon by means of liquid nitrogen. Krypton filling had been tried but was abondoned as supplies of this were not easily obtained as of argon with which filling was also easier . LG203 rating 16 kV 125 A pulse length 0.5 µs prf 1500 Hz.; Dr. Stundemund, Herr Schlenke Dr. te Gude Philips Valve Works Stessmann Strasse Hamburg; Dr. Andrieu Telefunken Göttingen Chaussee Hannover (Hanover) LS300 6 kV 20 A peak; LD201 Berlin equipment; Dr. Steimel responsible for Telefunken which produced 90% of German valves, he is now in charge of an Institute in the Russian Zone; Dr. Kotowski was an aerial specialist now works with Dr. Steimel; Prof. Rukop had been manager of the Telefunken factory at Ulm, Prof Moeller was head of the Max Wien Institute; Dr. Döhler worked under Professor Moeller and had developed a spark transmitter for jamming; Dr. Buschbeck was considered to be the most important man in Germany on short wave transmitters; Dr. Maas (Maass?) Telefunken factory Dachau was mainly responsible for the design of the Berlin and Rotterdam Equipment; Prof. Binder was a leading high voltage expert at the Dresden Technical High School; Prof. (H.G.?) Moeller Sternwarte Bergedorf Hamburg . Reichsstelle für Hoch-frequenz-Forschung Laus; Dr. Matthias and dr. Engel Siemens Reinige Erlangen; Dr. Herringer Lorenz Esslingen RD12La velocity modulated oscillator valve .. ; The RD12La is a coaxial line "Heil tube" ; Dr. Renee Haefer Max Wien Institute Hamburg; Dr. Augustus Hertz .. ; Dr. Netheler Hamburg; Herr Schwarz had been employed during the war on radar instalation work for the German Navy; Dr. W. Schwarz Jaegerstrasse Hamburg former member of the Ernst Lecher Institute, his main work was on Epsilon .. and was believed to be (at present, AOB) in Bamberg; Dr. Stockmeyer, Dr. Schnappanf, Dr. Schünk and Ebe in Giesen the firm concerned mainly with the production of carbon brushes, During the war anodes and grids made of graphite were produced for a number of valve firmes .. cold pressing 12000 kg/cm² of normal carbon dust into cylinders plates etc. Dr. Günther-Wolf rectifier engineer Berlin StockingerSrt. - Dr. Wiegend chief technical director - Dr. Hermann expert on cathode techniques - Dr. Maier manifacture of thyratrons and rectifiers; Dr. Vincentz Herr Neuhausen Dr. Rothe Telefunken Dachau Brünngartenstrasse; AEG Hohenzollern Dam Berlin: Dr. Nippold technical liaison engineer - Dr. Keitner rectifier engineer of wide experience - Dr. Mohr circuit applications of thyratrons - Dr. Maier thyratron production; Belecke - Möhne? Dr. Kugler managing director of Belecke-Möhne plant AEG, Dr. Koch thyratron research successor of Dr. Glaser who died in 1943; Clausthal-Zellerfeld Harz  AEG Dr. Siegenbein general manager of factory developing gas filled rectifiers Dr. Aarens responsible for thyratron development; Siemens and Halske Siemensstadt Dr. Tamm chief of development labs engaged on circuit work, Ing. Buchwald assistant to Dr. Tamm, Dr. Hoffmann electro-chemist general liaison work - S&H Nürnberg Dr. Koelbl? manager of factory concerned entirely with assembling apparatus -; Siemens Reinige Erlangen dr. Matthias Dr. Engel production equipment; Siemens Rudolfstadt Dr. Jacobi and Dr. Steinbeck both development thyratrons - Siemens Vienna (Wien) Dr. Koenig valve development; Philips Valve Works Stessmann Str. Hamburg Dr. Studamung, Herr Schlenke Dr. te Gude manufacture of standard commercial valves; C.H.F. Moeller (belonging to Valvo/Philips, AOB) Dr. Fehr secretary of the firm manufacture of X-ray tubes and rectifiers; Bosch Seiden Strasse Stuttgart Dr. Bacher, Dr, Straub aircraft apparatus; Technical High School Munich (München, AOB) Prof. Schumann cold cathode valves; Wilhelmsstrasse berlin dr. Römpe formerly Osram valve development Dr. Buschbeck a leading expert on short wave transmitters; Lorenz Necker? (Neckar?, AOB) Dr. Herringer cm valve development; Technical High School Dresden Prof. Binder High voltage expert; Max Wien Institute Sternwarte bergedorf Hamburg - Prof. H.G. Moeller head of Max Wien Institute, Dr. Doehler pulse techniques and transmitters, Dr. Fack pulse technique (würzlaus, AOB), Dr. Haefer cold cathode magnetrons, Herr Buchman? (Buchmann, AOB) radar camouflage; Flugfunk Forschungs Institute (FFO F.F.O., AOB) Dr. Rindla, Dr. Ewest 30 Ahorn Str. Lankewitz berlin Herr Groether Buchenhaldeb Str. Bad Cannstadt small thyratrons Bosch - dr. Kleen Telefunken valve research- Dr. Netheler Pav. 25 Eppendorf Hospital Hamburg jamming problems - Dr. Putzer development mercury rectifiers Siemens - Sr. S. Schwarz Gt. Georg Str. Hamburg installation of Radar equipment in the navy - Dr. W, Schwarz Jaeger Str. 15 Hamburg pulse measurements at the Ernst Lecher Institute - Dr. Stockmeyer and Dr. Schnappanf Dr. Schünk Dr Ebe Heuchelheim Giesen manufacture of carbon brushes  



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