The Manufacture of Aviation Gasoline in Germany

BIOS Miscellaneous 72


U.S. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

Technical Report No. 145-5


July 1945

Prepared by:

M.E. Spaght, technician


It has to be repeated again - U.S. Reports are far more objective than most British reports. Their opinion, saying it frank, is at least of high degree of scepticism, whilst the US reports ventilate more the real state of affairs.

However, this report is a full U.S. affair.


I would like to inform you, that for practical reasons I copied only the, in my perception, interesting report pages. Therefore the content of this document copy is only pointing at some ‘highlights’.



This report records information obtained by technical investigators on the quantity, quality, composition, and manufacture of German aviation gasoline during the past war years.


Keywords:    According table on document pages 4 and 5 the total German aviation gasoline production was 56,100 barrels a day (1943).

Keywords (continuing):    b-4 or blue grade and the other the C-3 or green grade. Both grades ... the octane number was 89 by a measurement corresponding to the C.F.R. motor method. ... ; RLM Specifications for B-$ and C-3 Gasoline ... ; Engine testing .. ; Safety Aviation Fuels

Keywords to be continued:    Isoparaffins were synthesized commercially in Germany bt two processess ...;


Conclusions .......


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