The Magnetophon Sound Recording

and Reporduction System

BIOS 915


Research Department


Report No. C.053/3

Serial No. 1946/14


BIOS Target Nos

C 7/512, C9/475


Reported by:

M.J.L. Pulling

Superintendent Engineer (Recording)

British Broadcasting Corporation

London, W 1.

BIOS Trip No: RAT 43

Personnel of Team

M.J.L. Pulling (BBC)

E.M. Payne (Electric & Musical Industries Ltd)

H.E. Parker (Ministry of Supply)

See FD 1186/47


Not to be Reproduced

This is hand-written on page two. Though, why?


Keywords:    The recording machine H.T.S.; Head Assembly;  The amplifier Unit; The Recording Amplifier;  The microphone or monitor amplifier; overall performance; FT3; Tonschreiber b; Tonschreiber c, Tonschreiber d, Tonschreiber f, A1000 L40 (also known as RE3); R26; K4 (RRG designation R122a); K7; Kasettengerät; Machine for recording on a Quatro Sheet; The tape; Patents; References; on the Manufacture of Magnetophon Tape; The A.C. biassing .. ; It should ne noted ... ; mostly HTS are in use by the Nord West German Radio (MWDR, AOB) and by Radio Frankfurt ... ; tape spool centre boss ... ; the B/H curve ... ; at a speed of 77 cm/sec ... ; wiping current ... ; Dr. von Braunmühl ... ; ... for stereophonic recording and reproduction by recording two side-by-side tracks on the same tape .. ; AEG Berlin ... ; HTS was introduced in about 1942 .. ; The pitch-restoring head is an ingenious device ... ; K4 (RRG designation R24) .. ; AIR22a/1 December 1942 schematic .. ; A/V7b/2 Schematic V7b .. ; Reichs Rundfunk schematic V5 Wiedergabeverstärker ... Frequenzkurve des Wiedergabeverstärkers V5 .. ; Schematic diagram K7 Magnetophon AEG/AT/MGT 403178N ... ; At the factory of IG Farben at Ludwigshafen, polivinyl chloride ... ; luvitherming ... ; FeSO4 treated ... ; The thickness of deposit is .015 mm (= 15 µ, AOB) ... ; split into strips of 6.5 mm wide ..;  Patents of Braunmühl and Weber .. list of publications; SIGESO 56 ... ; Notes on the manufacture of Magnetophon tape by Dr. Pflaumer of I.G. Farben, translated by Dr. H.J. von Braunmühl ..       




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