Television Development and

Application in Germany

BIOS 867


Reported by:

Messrs E. Redpath, J. Dyson, T.M.C. Lance, G.W. Edwards, D. Weighton & P.H. Spagnoletti


BIOS Trip No 1892

16 February - 20 March 1946

CIOS Black List Items 1, 7, 9.

BIOS Target Nos:

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Keywords:    Te Ka De (Nürnberg); Fernsehf/Blaupunkt Taufkirchen; Deutsche Reichspost Aach; Blaupunkt Berlin; Lorenz Berlin; Physikalisches Institut Göttingen; Technische Hochschule Braunschweig; Telefunken Göttingen;; Fernseh/Blaupunkt Hildesheim; Aerials (television) - Amplifiers (wide-band); Bildwandler; Cameras (Television); Cathode-Ray Tubes; cathode-Ray Tubes (Projection); E.H.T. Supply; Facsimile Transmission; High Definition; Hospital Television Service; Iconoscopes; Image Storage Device; Multiplyers (thermionic); O.B. Television; Orthicons; Projection Systems; Receivers (Einheitempfänger); Repeater (Co-Axial); Repeater (Television); Screens; Supericonoscopes; Tonne; Valves; Cathode-Ray Tubes for Einheitsempfänger; Infra-red developments - photo-semi-conductors; AEG Neustadt near Coburg; Coaxial Repeater (TF.100); Dr. Theodor Baum - Dr. Bannitz and Dr. Hertz ; coaxial cable supplied by Felten & Guillaume Cologne; Repeater using 4 pentodes Siemens E2C 10 ma/volt .. ; Dr. Baum secondary emission valves EE50 .. Dr. Weiss ...; Fernseh and Blaupunkt Taufkirchen  Dr. Rolf Möller - Dr. Behne - Dipl.Ing. F. Rudert - Dipl.-Ing. Mullert? - Dipl.-Ing. Dilenberger; in 1940 850 personnel employed by Fernseh in Berlin on Television work .. All the television equipment were solded to D.R.P. for the Berlin and Paris television stations ..... the entire group was removed to Obertannwald near Reichenberg (Sudeten) and in April 1945 was brought to Taufkirchen .. ; Tonne for guided missiles .... Tonne I therefore used a 220-line scan with 50 frames per second ... Tonne II diagonal scan of 400 lines and 10 frames per second .... ; the tube was magnetically focussed and deflected and the line-scan coils were interesting in that they were moulded in polystyrene ..... ; transmitter Tonne I and II .. ; Dr. Möller gave no information on the 729 system which he reported to have been developing in 1939, but stated that he had produced a picture of 1029 lines using transpararency with a Farnsworth dissector with especially designed ... ; Dr. Möller also referred to the Telefunken experiments with 2000-line scanning with cathode-ray tubes (See Telefunken C.I.O.S Report XXXII/95) ... Dr. Frenslau claims ... ; Deutsche Reichspost Aach .. Dr. Georg Weiss - Chief of the Laboratory - Dr. Gossel deputy to Dr. Weiss - Dr. Herman? (Hermann?) Weber: ..; Berlin Hospital Television Service  transmitter at Berlin Witzleben was operated until it was destroyed in 1943 and supplied a six-hour programme daily - 1½ hours of which was live programme for entertainment of troops in hospital. A total of 25 cameras were available, together with 2 vans for outside televising ... ; Studio illumination was normally 1500 to 2000 lux with a maximum of 4000 ...... ; When production of receivers stopped in 1940 approx. 600 Einheitsempfängers were in service  ... report Dr. Graupner (Blaupunkt) ... ; Largest cinema in Turmstrasse with 800 seats .. The projection tube had a water-cooled metal-based screen approx. 10 cms with a final anode potential of 80 kV. Dr. Weiss thought the peak beam current was about 20 ma. ... ; Dr. Diels of Telefunken believed to be present in Hannover and the powders were produced by the same firm at Max Strasse Berlin ... ; 1029-line Television System Some experimental work carried out early in the war  .... Compagnie des Compteurs in Paris had done some work on these tubes under the direction of D.R.P. ... ; An amplifier with a band-width of 40 MHz has been built by Dr. Dillenburger .. type AF 100 Telefunken tubes were used .. ; Tonne It was explained that vertical scanning was preferred since the subject usually consisted of a horizontally divided field half white halve dark (horizon) .. (page 16); photo-multipliers; Blaupunkt Korfy ; Dr. Güllner Director - Dr. Graupner in charge of pre-production - Ing. Weiland chief development .. ; EFF 50? .. ; Lorenz Berlin-Tempelhof ; Dr. Walter Schnabel Engineer originally in charge of televison developement .. Screens for Bildwandler Tubes .. ; Physikalisches Institut Göttingen .. Professor R.W. Pohl - Dr. F. Stockmann - Dipl.-Ing. P. Mayer .. ; TH Braunschweig Dr. Lambert .... ; Telefunken Nicholasasbergerweg 55 Göttingen .. ; Dr. K. Möller, Dr. Thiele - Herr W. Harm ... ; Fernseh and Blaupunkt Trilkewerke Hildesheim ..  Dr. Goerz - Dr. Frensalau - Dr. Flechsig - Fräulein Simon .. ; Development of Infra-red-sensitive Photo-semi-conductors ... ; Technological Questions on Cell Production Projekt "Uhr", AEG Neustadt near Coburg .. AEG discovered the importance of the presence of activating oxygen. At the same time ... Hall effect and thermo-potentials .. ; Projekt Uhr - Projekt Linse - Project Krebs - Projekt Embden - Projekt Netzhaut - active proximity fuses project "Zossen" - Project "Pi0" Project (Projekt) P.L." Projekt "Kegel"



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