Electronic Principles as Applied

in Germany to the Testing of


BIOS 724


Reported by:

S.D.O. W.G. Shilling, M.A.P.

Team Members:

D.O. Sproule Messrs. Henry Hughes

C.G. Giles D.S.I.R.

B.E. Noltingk M.I.R.A.

R. Dalziel S.R.D.E.


B.I.O.S. Trip 1644

BIOS Target Numbers:

See Main Body report

Target 1/345: C7/357, 9/143; Target 7/118: C1/828, C9/528; Target C1/827, C7/358, C9/483; Target C1/828, C7/359, C9/548; Target: C1/829, C7/360, C9/508;  Target: C1/830, C7/361, C9/970; Target: C1/832, C7/364, C9/971; Target C1/833, C7/365, C9/972; Target: C1/834, C7/366, C9/973; Target: C1/835, C7/367, C9/974; Target: C1/836, C7/368, C9/697; Target: C9/247, C1/838, 57/370; Target: C1/839, C7/371?, C9/785; Target 1/367 - C7/372, C9/976; Target C1/655, C7/160, C9/325; Target: C1/840, C7/373, C9/977; Target 1/352, C7/362, 9/58; Target 1/66, C7/214, C9/714; Target: C1/01 (h), C7/294, C9/707; Target: C1/831, C7/363, C9/538;



Keywords: Hartmann&Braun; Schoeller & Co; Material Prüfanstalt; K.W.I. Heidelberg; P.T.R. Heidelberg; Daimler-Benz; Institut f. Kraftfahrwesen Stuttgart; Dr. Staiger Kirchheim Teck; K.W,I. of Metallforschung Stuttgart; D.V.L. (Aerodynamik Sonthofen; Aerodynamisches Institut Sonthofen; Ott & Sohn Kempten; M.A.N. Augsburg; Forschungsinstitut T.H. München; Steeg & Reuter; Dr. Bergmann Wetzlar; Askania berlin; Siemens Wernerwerkdamm Berlin; Maihak Hamburg; Haul's Sound resonance Method; Accelerometer for Aircraft; Lehr's Strain Gauge; Four-circuit bridge for Lehr's gauge; Siemens Permalloy Pick-up and circuit; Dissertation on Ringgeber Theis (A.E.G. = AEG);Oscillation Measurements with Electrical Apparatus Schilling AEG; Latest Developments in the use of Supersonics in Chemistry (Schmid); Effect on Intensive Sound on Molten Metals (Schmid & Roll); Influence of Supersonics on Magnetic Behaviour of Nickel (Schmid & Jetter); There seems to have been few striking innovations in German technique, although, quite a lot has been achieved by thorough development of well known principles ... ; Dr. Gauer K.W.I. heidelberg - Dr. Frey - Infra-red spectroscopy using infra red to kill phosphorescence .. ;  PTR Heidelberg, Dr Scheibe - Dr. Adelsberger - Dr. Hoyer - Dr. Helmhotz - Dr. Schaffeld when in Zeulenroda; Dr. Forster - Prof. Grube - Dr. Kubaschewski - Prof. Glucker - Dr. Richter - Dr. Gebhardt; S&S some glued joints on some timber framework in the Building Section ... ; Z.W.B. Zentraale für Wissenschaftliche Berichtewesen über Luftforschung Berlin Adlershof - Prof. Bollenrath - Prof. Weise - Prof. Schmidt - Dr. Philippovich - Dr. Runge - Prof. Nüll - Prof Lurenbaum - Prof. Quick - Dr. Schmiescheck - Dr. Hoppe - Dr. Himmler - Dr. Caroselli - Dr. Ramsayer - Dr. Ruff - Dr. Hauk Bollenrath's assistant ... ;  M.A.N. Dr. Lehr - Dr. Bettschinger - Dipl.-ing. Bratsche - Dr. Skiba - Dr. Willms - Herr Kriebel; Askaniawerke ...; Prof Albert ... T.H. München - Prof. Meissner - Prof. Foeppel - Dr. Piloty - Dr. Schumann; Steeg & Reuter Target C1/655 ... Dr. Zobel ... ultra sonics ... quartz transducer .. A quartz frequency standard with adjustable frequency was also seen. This apparatus is of such general interest that a translation of Zobel's original description .. - Accelerometer .. Pressure Pickups; Target C1/840 Dr. Bergmann ..C.O. at Leitz - Pohlmann and Schockolov - (Kruse Telefunken Lab. at Leubus near Breslau) - dr. Kneser - Dr. Eucken - Heidemann ....; Target 1/332 Askania Werke Bln - Ing. Imhoff - Mr. Markworth, Mr. Ascheuer - Dachsell .. Dipl.-ing. Behrmann .. Lerh's strain gauge!! ... ; Target 1/66 (g) AEG Seestrasse 66 Berlion .. Dr. W. Redepenning - Dr. Herman (Hermann?) Herr Winkler ... Prof. Thum high-speed cine cameras 80,000 pictures per second .. Eltas Inductive Test Gauges .. Carbon film piezo electric quartz ... ; Target C1/01(h) Siemens Wernerwerkdamm Sweibert Weg Berlin .. dr. Thal - dr. Sauger - Dr. Sorge Thal's assistant .. Permalloy ... bolometer amplifier Dr. Sell .... ; Target C1/831 H. Maihak A.G. Semperstr. 39 Hamburg Herr Gutbrod  - Dipl.-ing. Knoll ... acoustic strain gauge ... ; Neher Inventor of electro-magnetic torque-meter ; dr. Grube K.W.I. ... ; Reduction of Metal Oxides .. ; Kinetic Measurements on Alloys Oxidation Diffusions and Transport; Research on the Electrolytic Refinement of Aluminium; The Effect of Ultrasonics on the Solidifications of Molten Metals; Construction of the Crystal holders - properties of Vario-Crystals; Radio-Measurments of Acceleration .. G. Loeser ... Accelerometer with capacitive transmitter slide condenser as capcitive ... ; Ring gauges ..     



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