German Airborne Gun and

R.P. Sights



Reported by

S/Ldr. R.F. Fisher    M.A.P.


BIOS Target Numbers

C 2/689, C 4/259, C 6/135, C 27/394, C 1/753


C.I.O.S. Trip 746A


Keywords:    Tarnewitz .. Automatic release .. Stabilistation .. Rocket Sights .. Radar aids ... Recognision .. I.R. aids .. Design of E.Z.42 (EZ 42) .. Elfe Servo System at R.A.E. E.Z.42 Improved Sight Head at R.A.E. Drgs. of Steinheil Stabilised sight based in transit to U.K. ; This report is based on interrogation of German personnel shown .. during the period of July 17th August 21st 1945, on CIOS Trip 746A. ; german aircraft sight development was administered by the E.6 branch of the T.L.R. in OKL in Berlin ... ; These correspond to DD.Arm.DG in CRD in German Air Ministry. E.6 used Rechlin and Tarnewitz Research Establishments and Proofing Grounds for technical control and air trials.. ; The main firms used for gun and R.P. sightsing development were Zeiss, Askania and Leitz. later Steinheil were built up by TLR to production of Lorfe bomb sights to Zeiss designs and to carrie out ... ; The radar organisation was rather similar to thiis but had far more ramifications. The armament applications of airborne radar was controlled by E.4 in TLR using Werneuchen for technical control and proofing of airborne radar .. The Forschung Führung Committee controlled basic research but the BHF under dr. Esaum ... an indipendant three services body set up by Goering, also had a say on ratherlower level ... ; ... FFO and ZVH Ulm using the firms Telefunken and Siemens for development .. ; .. A wide distiction was drawn between the engineer personnel and  the operational pilots, each side looking down on the other one .. ; The engineers had continuous difficulty in persuading the operational people to adopt the more complicated Sights and Radar Aids. The aircraft firms were also unimpressed by armament requirements..... ;




Figures could not be checked as Americans had removed all equipment.

Steilheil and Leitz were both cooperating on sight head design. Steinheil were developing Z.F.S. 1a persicopic head based on P.V. 1b with a ...

Oberon never went into production

An automatic range strobing box called Elfe ..

Radar .. Such parts of this as were built have been removed to America .. The Germans had a tendency to use Polyrod aerials ...

In I.R. the Germans were very definiely ahead of us in this work.




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