Philips Valvo Works, Hamburg

Hammerwerke (Valve Works), Minden

C.H. Müller (X-Ray Factory)




Reported by

W.Cmdr. G.L. Hunt


Mr. F.T. Cotton    M.A.P.

Mr. A.L. Chilcott    M.A.P.

Mr. E.J. Hubbard    M.A.P.

Mr. F.A. Kloppert    M.A.P. (Dutch person?? AOB)



CIOS Black List Item No. 1


Target Nos. 1/132(d), C 1/480 & 1/132(e)


Keywords:    Hammerwerke at Minden; Philips Valvo Werke G.m.b.H.; Studiengesellschaft for Elektronen Gerät?? ; C.H. Müller A.G. Hamburg .. ;  At Valvo Works at Hamburg, the principal personnel interrogated were P. Eitersberger (Acting Director in place of Dr. G. Jobst who had been suspended by Philips, G. Oertel, P. Gogle .. At C.H. Müller DR. Fehr and Mr. Weigel; Briefly, the Minden factory is built inside a mountain some three or four miles wouth of Minden and provides about 95,000 square feet (8826 m2) of floor space in form or relatively narrow galleries divided over nine floors; About 1,200 girls were employed in the factory, these girls being Jewish and the labour, forced labour, ... ;The factory was adequately ventilated but very damp and all the equipment has rusted although it had been ... ; There was a large and very well equipped tool room containg ... ; Grid winding was carried out in a room containing twenty-three Philips type Grid Lathes; Philips Valvo Werke G.m.b.H. .. Until the middle of 1943, the manufacture of valves for domestic purpose continued on a diminishing scale. From 1939 the production of Wehrmacht valves grew, ...RL 2 P 800 - RV 12 P 4000 - RV 2,4 P 700 - RV 12 P 2000 - RL 2 T 2 - RL 12 T 2 - RL 12 P 10 - RL 12 T 15 - RL 2 P 3 - RL 12 P 50 - RL 12 P 35 - LS 50 - RK 12 SS 1 - RK 12 SS 2 ; the valve type P700 which was made at a rate of up to 60,000 per month was one of the two largest production types ... ; Philips Valvo Works, in common with all other Radio Valve Factories, was part of an elaborate production organisation at the head of which was Speer. ... ; Dr. Lüschen of Siemens & Halske (S&H, AOB) (now dead) .. Sonderring ... ; General Fellgiebel .. ; The Philips' organisation was treated as a single entity when discussion took place at the Röhrenring ... ; The Röhren Centrale did not include the production activities of Eindhoven, but included the Philips factories at Hamburg, Vienna, Prague and Warsaw (Warschau, AOB) ... ; At Prague, civilian types formed the main part of the programme .... ; Studiengesellscahft für Elektronen-Gerät ??? This laboratory was situated at Vogt Kölnstrasse 30, Stellingen and covered ... ; The applied to the small Argon filled AC 50 and the Helium filled EC 50 .. The EFF 51 was also being made in the small quantity at the laboratory .. ; When the supply of pressed glass bases from the Philips Glass Works at Weisswasser failed ... ; C.H. Müller Dr. Ritz was formerly Director of the X-Ray Tube factory but had been discharged by the British Government as bein a prominent member of the Nazi Party. This place had been taken ... ; Before the war, the factory operated with about 500 people ..


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