German Parachute Design and


BIOS 466


Reported by:

Mr. N. Shuttleworth    M.A.P.

S/Ldr. T.E. Pitkethly    A.F.E.E.

Mr. W.D. Brown    R.A.E.

Mr. G. Shackleton    M.A.P.

Mr. L.L. Irvin    Irving Air Chute Co.


BIOS Target Numbers

C27/392, C27/388, C27/425, C27/426, C27/427, C27/428, C27/386, C27/390, C27/397, C27/401, C27/429, C27/430, C27/431, C27/432, C27/202, C27/316, C27/433, C27/434, C27/435, C27/436, C27/437

Keywords:    Types of Parachutes developed; Ribbon (Cobweb type); Wako ribbon chute, Mushroom types; Triangular design; Faden-Schirm; Paper parachutes; Silk - Perlon (≈ Nylon) - Rayon - Zellwolle - Zellwolle-Jute; Emergency exits - Paratrooping - Containers - Dive brakes - Landing brakes - Bombs and mines - flares - torpedos; Wind tunnel tests; Models from tower and Gas holder; Electro magnetic shock measuring devices; High speed release from bombs; Normal aircraft release; Forschungsanstalt Graf Zepplin at Stuttgart - Ruite short title F.G.Z. ; Prof. Madelung Head Institute - Dr. Heinrich Head of Aerodynamic Section - Dipl.-ing. Knacke - Dipl.-ing. Neuhauser; Herr Kostaleszky now living in Schützebhansle, Weingarten - Hett Einig Prof. of Aerodynamics - Herr Buss interrogated in England chief parachute test jumper at Rechlin; Herr Christensen interrogated in England Head Parachute Section at Air Ministry; Herr Bahr interogated in England manager of one of the Autoflug factories repairing parachutes; Benger Gerätebau Boblingerstrasse 72 Stuttgart - interviewed Dr. Woernle technical manager - Herr Benger Propietor - Herr Goebel factory manager; Schusterinsel Opladen near Cologne (Köln) - Unter-Sturmführer Schauenburg in P.O.W. Camp 93 - US 7th Army disigner of triangular chute and technical manager at Henking Berlin; Köhler Uhrenfabrik Laufazholz? near Nürnberg - makers of barometric fuses; firms: Henking Berlin - Schöder Berlin - Autoflug = parachute manufacturers; Scholz Hamburg borometric fuses - Rheinmetal-Borsig barometric fuses; AEG Berlin makers of the gun for firing parachute models; Delius & Sohn Bielefeld weavers of fabric; Kammerer Osnabrück papaer parachutes; August Köhler Oberkirch near Karlsruhe chemical treatement of paper; Spön Neckarsulm Nr. Heilbronn spinners of weavers of paper; Schirm & Co. Kirchenlellinsfurt Nr. Tübingen spinners and weavers of paper; WAKO ... ; paratroop training school at Wittstock in any of their non-oscillating designs ... ; Schade Braking System .. ; Wako Ribbon Chute .. designed by Walter Kostalenzky .. ; paper parachutes successful undertaken by Herr Neuhauser at F.G.Z....; Dr. Heinrich at F.G.Z. ... Torpedos ... ; wind tunnels at F.G.Z. .. ; electro magnetic shock measuring device .. ; High speed release for bombs in this manner tested at speeds at high as 1100 km/hr (683 m.p.h.)