High Temperature Refractories

and Ceramis

BIOS 465


Reported by:

F/Lt. W. Watt

Mr. F.H.Clews

Mr. R.B. Miller

Mr. J. Walker

Mr. C.H. Wheatley


BIOS Target Numbers

C21/838, C21/618, C21/687, C21/612, C21/912, C21/915, C21/913, C21/914, C21/921, C21/922, C21/920, C21/916a, C22/2842, C22/1437, C22/3238, C22/1502, C22/598, C22/3239, C22/3157, C22/1866, C22/3240, C22/3241, C22/3242, C22/3243, C22/3240a

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Keywords:    Herman Goering Luftfahrtforschungsamt Volkerode; Scheidhaur und Giessing Duisburg; Heinrich Koppers Düsseldorf, Feldmühle Lülsdorf/Rhein; Heraeus Quarzschmelze Hanau/Main; Schonwald Porzellan Fabrik Schonwald (Schönwald?) near Selb; Berlin Staatliche Porzellan Manufaktur Selb; Rosenthal Inslatorworks Selb; Goebel-Werk Grossalmerode near Kassel; Prof. Dirksen and Herr Trapp; ceramic venturis ... gas turbines ... ; Herr Bammert of the engine division .. ; the outstanding blade in this test was one consisting of a mixture of silicon carbide and clay with glazed surface .. ; Herr Katheriner works manager of Scheidhaur & Giesing Duisburg .. ; sillimanite ... ; Heinrich Koppers Düsseldorf Heerdt largely undamaged ..; Koppers specialize in high quality sillimanite .. ; Process for sillimanite and alumina ware .... ; ceramic turbine blades .. ; Feldmühle Lülsdorf Dr. Holsch general manager - Herr Hack chemist Herr Schmidt Engineer  work was very little damaged a small amount of structural damage due to shelling had been suffered .. ; Bikorit - Dirubin - Redurit - Rewagit ... fused spinel .. fused ferro-silicon ..; White fused Alumina (Bikorit), pink fused Alumina (Dirubin) .. brown and black fused Alumina (Redurit - Rewagit), Raw materials Bauxit is obtained from Marseilles France and Hungary ... ; Fused Magnesia calcinated magnesite obtained from Jugo-Slavia or Greece ... ; Rotosil opaque Silica -- transparant quartz .. ; Homosil optical quality .. selected brazilian Quartz Crystal is acid treated with cold hydrofluoric acid ... ; Rotosil using Dörentrupe Silica Sand ... ; Dr. Frank technical director Berlin Statliche Porzellanmanifaktur, Selb .. Dr. Koenig chief research chemist ...factory was evacuated to the Paul Müller Porzellan Werke Selb Bavaria ... ; Ceramic turbine blades ... Zeittlitz kaoline .. ; Marquart ... ; Prokurung I .. ; Dr. Kohl chief chemist Rosenthal Isolatoren Werke Dr. Ullmann in charge of resistance plant ... ;  Goebel-Werke Grossalmerode Herr A. Schoddel comercial manager .. Herr G. Riemann technical manager .. ; August Gundlach Grossalmerode Bez. Kassel Mr. Proprietor (Besitzer)  Passau Graphite - Klingenberg Clay - Grossalmerode Clay; Becker & Piscanton Grossalmerode Kassel .. Goebel & Sohn Epterode near Grossalmerode ..   




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