Titanium Pigments.

Titangesellschaft, G.m.b.H.


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W. Woodhall

W.A. Cash


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C21/906. C22/3210, C31/2481


BIOS Trip No. 1613


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This titanium oxide plant is situated inside the Leverkusen factory of I.G.(Farbenindustrie, AOB). The company was owned 50% by I.G. and 50% by American interests.


Keywords: Condition of plant, process, materials of construction, Rutile, wartime distribution, coperas, titanium tetrachloride Flussmittel - V.26 ..; This titanium oxide plant is situated inside the Leverkusen factory of I.G. (Farbenindustrie).. ; Directors: Dr. Bruggemann (Brüggemann?AOB) managing director - Dr. Kuhne (Kühne, AOB) Director non-executive - Dr. Raspe technical director and general manager, Facorcy management Dr. Weise works manager (reported imprisonment in American Zone) - dr. Nespital & Dr. Busch & Dr. Schulz are Section plant managers - Herr Ecker works engineer - Dr. Werther Dr. Mees research staff Dr. Tillmann, Dr. Schaller , Dr. Fischer ... ; ample stocks of ilmenite were handy 35,000 tons in stock from I.G. plant .. ; Ilmenite had been drawn entirely from Norway typical analysis of the ore used was: ... ; Digestion .. Liquor clarification .. crystallisation .. ; The Escher-Wyss centrifuge had a diameter of 2½ metres and ran at about 400 r.p.m. ..; The centrifuge basket and screen were built of V4A alloy ... ; Calcination ... ; Wartime distribution of production based on a monthly production of 1200 tons TiO2 the wartime distribution had been ... ; The copperas produced here as a by-product found a ready market mainly in the manufacture of the catalyst used synthetic oil industry. ... ; manufacture of Titanium Tetrachloride This had been made here during the war by chlorination of titanium oxide, and used for smoke screen work. The palnt was not operating .. ; Manufacture of Flussmittel - V 26 .. About 100 tons per month of titanium oxide went to the vitereous enamel industry .. The bulk of this went to I.G. to be made up by them into a pre-smelt ... Dr. Heimsoeth ..  



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