Skoda Works, Pilsen,




Reported by

Mr. H.G. Barber, Ministry of Supply


Trip No. 1160


No.2 Group B.I.O.S. (Armaments)


BIOS Target no. 2/27h


Keywords:    The object of this visit was to investigate, at these, Works, method of production used by the Germans during their occupation of Czecho-Slovakia, of Armaments as a whole ... ; The factory was visited during the period 20-25 September 1945.

 ... Some 30 per cent of the plant had been destroyed;  On the commercial side the firm was engaged on the production of turbines, locomotives, lorries, machine tools, etc .. ; and includes probably one of the most comprehensive gear cutting shops in the World; Gun production: Amongst the guns which were manufactured complete at Pilsen for the Germans, the following were produced: 5 cm - 88 mm - 15 cm - 21 cm; They had no knowledge of the 88 mm with a three piece barrel and stated that it was never produced at Pilsen; The Germans, however, in their urgent need of production, concentrated more on quantity than quality... ; The Germans had produced synthetic Rubber (Buna, AOB) ... firm Hecker of Dresden ... ; An expanding boring head employing Widia tipped tools was used for finish boring of barrels ...; The ground at Pilsen, however, had alraedy been well covered by American technicians ...


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