P.J. Kipp en Zonen

BIOS No. 415


Reported by

N.L. Kusters NRC

Ottawa, Can


BIOS Item No. 27

B.I.O.S. Target No.



Keywords:    Firm P.J. Kipp & Zonen; Location Delft Holland, plant intact, persons interviewed: Mr. Ankerschmit manager - Ing. Reichert, Chief Engineer; made scientific instruments such as galvanometers, vacuum thermocouples, thermopiles, bolometers, photometers, spectrographs and monochromators; Of particular interest is the Moll Microgalvanometer ... Zernike galvanometers. The latter are instruments with very high voltage sensitivety ...; Another interesting instrument was the "Moll Thermo-Relay ....



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