Primary Cells by Prof. A. Schmid

BIOS No. 413


Reported by

N.L. Kusters

National Research Council



BIOS Target Numbers

C21/285, C31/2375


Keywords:    Laboratories of Prof. Alfred Schmid, Location Konstanz Alpsteinweg 4; interviewed Dipl. Chemiker Wassmuth and Dr. Lauermann; Prof. A. Schmid has a small chemical laboratory employing five chemists. He moved to Konstanz from Berlin in 1944. The laboratory is engaged in work on plastics and primary electric cells. The A.S. cell is named according the initials of its inventor Alfred Schmid; Electrodes Carbon and zinc amalgam Electrolyte called "Galvanol" ... No load per cell 1.25 V ....The electrolyte .. NL ... K60 ... ; The typr of cell used for this work was different it was a "Chlorine cell" ...



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